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differential geometry


      n   the application of differential calculus to geometrical problems  
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1    of, relating to, or using a difference  
2    constituting a difference; distinguishing  
3      (Maths)   of, containing, or involving one or more derivatives or differentials  
4      (Physics, engineering)   relating to, operating on, or based on the difference between two opposing effects, motions, forces, etc.  
differential amplifier     
5    a factor that differentiates between two comparable things  
6      (Maths)  
a    an increment in a given function, expressed as the product of the derivative of that function and the corresponding increment in the independent variable  
b    an increment in a given function of two or more variables, f(x1, x2, ...x>n), expressed as the sum of the products of each partial derivative and the increment in the corresponding variable.  
7    an epicyclic gear train that permits two shafts to rotate at different speeds while being driven by a third shaft  
   See also       differential gear  
8      (Chiefly Brit)   the difference between rates of pay for different types of labour, esp. when forming a pay structure within an industry  
9    (in commerce) a difference in rates, esp. between comparable labour services or transportation routes  
  differentially      adv  

differential calculus  
      n   the branch of calculus concerned with the study, evaluation, and use of derivatives and differentials  
   Compare       integral calculus  
differential coefficient  
      n     (Maths)      another name for       derivative  
differential equation  
      n   an equation containing differentials or derivatives of a function of one independent variable. A partial differential equation results from a function of more than one variable  
differential gear  
      n   the epicyclic gear mounted in the driving axle of a road vehicle that permits one driving wheel to rotate faster than the other, as when cornering  
differential geometry  
      n   the application of differential calculus to geometrical problems  
differential operator  
      n   the mathematical operator del ∇, used in vector analysis, where ∇= i∂/∂x + j∂/∂y+ k∂/∂z, i, j, and k being unit vectors and ∂/∂bx, ∂/∂y, and ∂/∂z the partial derivatives of a function in x, y, and z  
differential windlass  
      n   a windlass employing the velocity ratio incurred in unwinding from a small drum while winding onto a larger drum rotating at a common speed,   (Also called)    Chinese windlass  
wage differential  
      n   the difference in wages between workers with different skills in the same industry or between those with comparable skills in different industries or localities  

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      adj   diacritical, discriminative, distinctive, distinguishing  
      n   amount of difference, difference, discrepancy, disparity  

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