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1    partly or completely unlike  
2    not identical or the same; other  
he always wears a different tie     
3    out of the ordinary; unusual  
  differently      adv  
  differentness      n  
The constructions different from, different to, and different than are all found in the works of writers of English during the past. Nowadays, however, the most widely acceptable preposition to use after different is from. Different to is common in British English, but is considered by some people to be incorrect, or less acceptable. Different than is a standard construction in American English, and has the advantage of conciseness when a clause or phrase follows, as in this result is only slightly different than in the U.S. As, however, this idiom is not regarded as totally acceptable in British usage, it is preferable either to use different from: this result is only slightly different from that obtained in the U.S. or to rephrase the sentence: this result differs only slightly from that in the U.S.  
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1    altered, at odds, at variance, changed, clashing, contrasting, deviating, discrepant, disparate, dissimilar, divergent, diverse, inconsistent, opposed, streets apart, unlike  
2    another, discrete, distinct, individual, other, separate  
3    assorted, divers     (archaic)   diverse, manifold, many, miscellaneous, multifarious, numerous, several, some, sundry, varied, various  
4    another story, atypical, bizarre, distinctive, extraordinary, left-field     (informal)   out of the ordinary, peculiar, rare, singular, something else, special, strange, uncommon, unconventional, unique, unusual  

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very different from
The charming and cosy cottage they moved into is a far cry from the tiny flat they were living in before / Her life with that fickle man is a far cry from being a dream life
abbr. acron.
Same Shit Different Day
One place to find many different unique antiques, collectibles, and novelty items
a single place where you can find everything you need, usually found in different places
means a different approach or a welcome change to something. Ex.: anna has lots of wonderful ideas and motivation - she is a breath of fresh air.
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