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difference threshold


      n     (Psychol)   the minimum difference between two stimuli that is just detectable by a person  
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1    the state or quality of being unlike  
2    a specific instance of being unlike  
3    a distinguishing mark or feature  
4    a significant change in a situation  
the difference in her is amazing     
5    a disagreement or argument  
he had a difference with his wife     
6    a degree of distinctness, as between two people or things  
a    the result of the subtraction of one number, quantity, etc., from another  
b    the single number that when added to the subtrahend gives the minuend; remainder  
8      (Logic)      another name for       differentia  
9      (Maths)     (of two sets)  
a    the set of members of the first that are not members of the second.,   (Symbol)    A -- B  
b    symmetric difference   the set of members of one but not both of the given sets.,   (Often symbolized)    A + B  
10      (Heraldry)   an addition to the arms of a family to represent a younger branch  
11    make a difference  
a    to have an effect  
b    to treat differently  
12    split the difference  
a    to settle a dispute by a compromise  
b    to divide a remainder equally  
13    with a difference   with some peculiarly distinguishing quality, good or bad  
      vb   tr  
14    Rare   to distinguish  
15      (Heraldry)   to add a charge to (arms) to differentiate a branch of a family  

difference threshold  
      n     (Psychol)   the minimum difference between two stimuli that is just detectable by a person  
just noticeable difference  
      n     (Psychol)      another name for       difference threshold     (Abbrev.)    jnd  
potential difference  
      n   the difference in electric potential between two points in an electric field; the work that has to be done in transferring unit positive charge from one point to the other, measured in volts.,   (Abbrev.)    pd     (Symbol)    U   ΔV, Δφ  
    electromotive force  

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1    alteration, change, contrast, deviation, differentiation, discrepancy, disparity, dissimilarity, distinction, distinctness, divergence, diversity, unlikeness, variation, variety  
2    distinction, exception, idiosyncrasy, particularity, peculiarity, singularity  
3    argument, clash, conflict, contention, contrariety, contretemps, controversy, debate, disagreement, discordance, dispute, quarrel, row, set-to     (informal)   strife, tiff, wrangle  
4    balance, remainder, rest, result  
1, 2 & 3    affinity, agreement, comparability, concordance, conformity, congruence, likeness, relation, resemblance, sameness, similarity, similitude  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
a broad difference in values and attitudes between one and another especially between parents and their children
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