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1      (Anatomy)   any separating membrane, esp. the dome-shaped muscular partition that separates the abdominal and thoracic cavities in mammals  
   Related adj       phrenic  
2    a circular rubber or plastic contraceptive membrane placed over the mouth of the uterine cervix before copulation to prevent entrance of sperm  
3    any thin dividing membrane  
4      (Also called)    stop   a disc with a fixed or adjustable aperture to control the amount of light or other radiation entering an optical instrument, such as a camera  
5    a thin disc that vibrates when receiving or producing sound waves, used to convert sound signals to electrical signals or vice versa in telephones, etc.  
6      (Chem)  
a    a porous plate or cylinder dividing an electrolytic cell, used to permit the passage of ions and prevent the mixing of products formed at the electrodes  
b    a semipermeable membrane used to separate two solutions in osmosis  
7      (Botany)   a transverse plate of cells that occurs in the stems of certain aquatic plants  
     (C17: from Late Latin diaphragma, from Greek, from dia- + phragma fence)  
  diaphragmatic      adj  
  diaphragmatically      adv  

iris diaphragm  
      n   an adjustable diaphragm that regulates the amount of light entering an optical instrument, esp. a camera. It usually consists of a number of thin metal leaves arranged so that they open out into an approximately circular aperture,   (Sometimes shortened to)    iris  
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