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      vb   tr  
1    to swallow or eat up greedily or voraciously  
2    to waste or destroy; consume  
the flames devoured the curtains     
3    to consume greedily or avidly with the senses or mind  
he devoured the manuscripts     
4    to engulf or absorb  
the flood devoured the land     
     (C14: from Old French devourer, from Latin devorare to gulp down, from de- + vorare to consume greedily; see voracious)  
  devourer      n  
  devouring      adj  
  devouringly      adv  
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1    bolt, consume, cram, dispatch, eat, gobble, gorge, gulp, guzzle, pig out on     (slang)   polish off     (informal)   stuff, swallow, wolf  
2    annihilate, consume, destroy, ravage, spend, waste, wipe out  
3    absorb, appreciate, be engrossed by, be preoccupied, delight in, drink in, enjoy, feast on, go through, read compulsively or voraciously, relish, revel in, take in  

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