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1    to come or bring to a later or more advanced or expanded stage; grow or cause to grow gradually  
2    tr   to elaborate or work out in detail  
3    to disclose or unfold (thoughts, a plot, etc.) gradually or (of thoughts, etc.) to be gradually disclosed or unfolded  
4    to come or bring into existence; generate or be generated  
he developed a new faith in God     
5    intr; often foll by: from   to follow as a result (of); ensue (from)  
a row developed following the chairman's remarks     
6    tr   to contract (a disease or illness)  
7    tr   to improve the value or change the use of (land), as by building  
8    tr   to exploit or make available the natural resources of (a country or region)  
9    tr     (Photog)  
a    to treat (film, plate, or paper previously exposed to light, or the latent image in such material) with chemical solutions in order to produce a visible image  
b    to process (photographic material) in order to produce negatives and prints  
10      (Biology)   to progress or cause to progress from simple to complex stages in the growth of an individual or the evolution of a species  
11    tr   to elaborate upon (a musical theme) by varying the melody, key, etc.  
12    tr     (Maths)   to expand (a function or expression) in the form of a series  
13    tr     (Geometry)   to project or roll out (a surface) onto a plane without stretching or shrinking any element  
14      (Chess)   to bring (a piece) into play from its initial position on the back rank  
15    tr  
Obsolete   to disclose or reveal  
     (C19: from Old French desveloper to unwrap, from des- dis-1 + veloper to wrap; see envelop)  
  developable      adj  
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1    advance, blossom, cultivate, evolve, flourish, foster, grow, mature, progress, promote, prosper, ripen  
2    amplify, augment, broaden, dilate upon, elaborate, enlarge, expand, unfold, work out  
3    acquire, begin, breed, commence, contract, establish, form, generate, invent, originate, pick up, start  
4    be a direct result of, break out, come about, ensue, follow, happen, result  

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