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1    indifference to other people or to one's surroundings; aloofness  
2    freedom from self-interest or bias; disinterest  
3    the act of disengaging or separating something  
4    the condition of being disengaged or separated; disconnection  
5      (Military)  
a    the separation of a small unit from its main body, esp. of ships or troops  
b    the unit so detached  
6      (Logic)   the rule whereby the consequent of a true conditional statement, given the truth of its antecedent, may be asserted on its own  
   See also       modus ponens  

Voluntary Aid Detachment  
      n   (in World War I) an organization of British women volunteers who assisted in military hospitals and ambulance duties,   (Abbrev.)    VAD  
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1    aloofness, coolness, indifference, nonchalance, remoteness, unconcern  
2    disinterestedness, fairness, impartiality, neutrality, nonpartisanship, objectivity  
3    disconnection, disengagement, disjoining, separation, severing  
4      (Military)   body, detail, force, party, patrol, squad, task force, unit  

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