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1    careless of danger, as from despair; utterly reckless  
2    (of an act) reckless; risky  
3    used or undertaken in desperation or as a last resort  
desperate measures     
4    critical; very grave  
in desperate need     
5    often postpositive and foll by: for   in distress and having a great need or desire  
6    moved by or showing despair or hopelessness; despairing  
     (C15: from Latin desperare to have no hope; see despair)  
  desperately      adv  
  desperateness      n  
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1    audacious, dangerous, daring, death-defying, determined, foolhardy, frantic, furious, hasty, hazardous, headstrong, impetuous, madcap, precipitate, rash, reckless, risky, violent, wild  
2    acute, critical, dire, drastic, extreme, great, urgent, very grave  
3    at the end of one's tether, despairing, despondent, forlorn, hopeless, inconsolable, irrecoverable, irremediable, irretrievable, wretched  

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