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1    the act of descending  
2    a downward slope or inclination  
3    a passage, path, or way leading downwards  
4    derivation from an ancestor or ancestral group; lineage  
5    (in genealogy) a generation in a particular lineage  
6    a decline or degeneration  
7    a movement or passage in degree or state from higher to lower  
8    often foll by: on   a sudden and overwhelming arrival or attack  
9      (Property law)   (formerly) the transmission of real property to the heir on an intestacy  

doctrine of descent  
      n   the theory that animals and plants arose by descent from previously existing organisms; theory of evolution  
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1    coming down, drop, fall, plunge, swoop  
2    declination, declivity, dip, drop, incline, slant, slope  
3    ancestry, extraction, family tree, genealogy, heredity, lineage, origin, parentage  
4    debasement, decadence, decline, degradation, deterioration  
5    assault, attack, foray, incursion, invasion, pounce, raid, swoop  

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