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depth of focus


      n   the amount by which the distance between the camera lens and the film can be altered without the resulting image appearing blurred  
   Compare       depth of field  
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1    the extent, measurement, or distance downwards, backwards, or inwards  
2    the quality of being deep; deepness  
3    intensity or profundity of emotion or feeling  
4    profundity of moral character; penetration; sagacity; integrity  
5    complexity or abstruseness, as of thought or objects of thought  
6    intensity, as of silence, colour, etc.  
7    lowness of pitch  
8      (Nautical)   the distance from the top of a ship's keel to the top of a particular deck  
9    often pl   a deep, far, inner, or remote part, such as an inaccessible region of a country  
10    often pl   the deepest, most intense, or most severe part  
the depths of winter     
11    usually pl   a low moral state; demoralization  
how could you sink to such depths?     
12    often pl   a vast space or abyss  
13    beyond or out of one's depth  
a    in water deeper than one is tall  
b    beyond the range of one's competence or understanding  
14    in depth   thoroughly or comprehensively  
   See also       in-depth  
     (C14: from dep deep + -th1)  

defence in depth  
      n     (Military)   the act or practice of positioning successive mutually supporting lines of defence in a given area  
depth charge   , bomb  
      n   a bomb used to attack submarines that explodes at a pre-set depth of water  
depth gauge  
      n   a device attached to a drill bit to prevent the hole from exceeding a predetermined depth  
depth of field  
      n   the range of distance in front of and behind an object focused by an optical instrument, such as a camera or microscope, within which other objects will also appear clear and sharply defined in the resulting image  
   Compare       depth of focus  
depth of focus  
      n   the amount by which the distance between the camera lens and the film can be altered without the resulting image appearing blurred  
   Compare       depth of field  
depth psychology  
      n     (Psychol)   the study of unconscious motives and attitudes  
      adj   carefully worked out, detailed and thorough  
an in-depth study     
sonic depth finder  
      n   an instrument for detecting the depth of water or of a submerged object by means of sound waves; Fathometer  
   See also       sonar  

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1    abyss, deepness, drop, extent, measure, profoundness, profundity  
2      (figurative)   astuteness, discernment, insight, penetration, profoundness, profundity, sagacity, wisdom  
3    abstruseness, complexity, obscurity, reconditeness  
4    intensity, richness, strength  
5      (often plural)    abyss, bowels of the earth, deepest part, furthest part, innermost part, middle, midst, most intense part, nadir, remotest part, slough of despond  
6    in depth      comprehensively, extensively, intensively, thoroughly  
1    apex, apogee, crest, crown, height, peak, pinnacle, summit, top, vertex, zenith  
2      (figurative)   emptiness, lack of depth or substance, superficiality, triviality  

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Something or someone that becomes the focus of others' criticism or blame
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