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      vb   tr  
1    to put or set down, esp. carefully or in a proper place; place  
2    to entrust for safekeeping; consign  
3    to place (money) in a bank or similar institution in order to earn interest or for safekeeping  
4    to give (money) in part payment or as security  
5    to lay down naturally; cause to settle  
the river deposits silt     
a    an instance of entrusting money or valuables to a bank or similar institution  
b    the money or valuables so entrusted  
7    money given in part payment or as security, as when goods are bought on hire-purchase  
   See also       down payment  
8    a consideration, esp. money, given temporarily as security against loss of or damage to something borrowed or hired  
9    an accumulation of sediments, mineral ores, coal, etc.  
10    any deposited material, such as a sediment or a precipitate that has settled out of solution  
11    a coating produced on a surface, esp. a layer of metal formed by electrolysis  
12    a depository or storehouse  
13    on deposit   payable as the first instalment, as when buying on hire-purchase  
     (C17: from Medieval Latin depositare, from Latin depositus put down)  

certificate of deposit  
      n   a negotiable certificate issued by a bank in return for a deposit of money for a term of up to five years,   (Abbrev.)    CD  
copyright deposit library  
      n   one of six libraries legally entitled to receive a gratis copy of every book published in the United Kingdom: the British Library, Bodleian, Cambridge University, Trinity College in Dublin, Scottish National Library, and National Library of Wales  
demand deposit  
      n   a bank deposit from which withdrawals may be made without notice  
   Compare       time deposit  
deposit account  
      n     (Brit)   a bank account that earns interest and usually requires notice of withdrawal  
safe-deposit   , safety-deposit  
a    a place or building with facilities for the safe storage of money or valuables  
b    (as modifier)  
a safe-deposit box     
time deposit  
      n   a bank deposit from which withdrawals may be made only after advance notice or at a specified future date  
   Compare       demand deposit  
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1    drop, lay, locate, place, precipitate, put, settle, sit down  
2    amass, bank, consign, entrust, hoard, lodge, save, store  
3    down payment, instalment, money     (in bank)   part payment, pledge, retainer, security, stake, warranty  
4    accumulation, alluvium, deposition, dregs, lees, precipitate, sediment, silt  

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Of, relating to, or occurring on or near the surface of the earth. Eg.: a surficial geologic deposit.
surf(ace) + (superf)icial
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