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dependent clause


      n     (Grammar)      another term for       subordinate clause  
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dependent   ,   (sometimes U.S.)   dependant  
1    depending on a person or thing for aid, support, life, etc.  
2    postpositive; foll by: on or upon   influenced or conditioned (by); contingent (on)  
3    subordinate; subject  
a dependent prince     
4    Obsolete   hanging down  
5      (Maths)  
a    (of a variable) having a value depending on that assumed by a related independent variable  
b    (of a linear equation) having every solution as a solution of one or more given linear equations  
6      (Grammar)   an element in a phrase or clause that is not the governor  
7       a variant spelling (esp. U.S.) of       dependant  
  dependently      adv  
Avoid confusion with dependant  

dependent clause  
      n     (Grammar)      another term for       subordinate clause  
dependent variable  
1    a variable in a mathematical equation or statement whose value depends on that taken on by the independent variable  
in ``y = f(x)'', ``y'' is the dependent variable     
2      (Psychol, statistics)   the variable measured by the experimenter. It is controlled by the value of the independent variable, of which it is an index  

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1    counting on, defenceless, helpless, immature, reliant, relying on, vulnerable, weak  
2    conditional, contingent, depending, determined by, liable to, relative, subject to  
3    feudal, subject, subordinate, tributary  
1 & 3    autarkic, autonomous, independent, self-determining, self-governing, self-reliant  

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relative to people who are attached but don't want to be too intimate with someone on whom they are dependent
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