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,   (sometimes U.S.)   dependancy  
      n   pl   , -cies  
1    a territory subject to a state on which it does not border  
2    a dependent or subordinate person or thing  
3      (Psychol)   overreliance by a person on another person or on a drug, etc.  
4       another word for       dependence  

Ross Dependency  
      n   a section of Antarctica administered by New Zealand: includes the coastal regions of Victoria Land and King Edward VII Land, the Ross Sea and islands, and the Ross Ice Shelf. Area: about 414400 sq. km (160000 sq. miles)  
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, dependency         
1    assurance, belief, confidence, expectation, faith, hope, reliance, trust  
2    addiction, attachment, helplessness, need, subordination, subservience, vulnerability, weakness  

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