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department store


      n   a large shop divided into departments selling a great many kinds of goods  
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1    a specialized division of a large concern, such as a business, store, or university  
the geography department     
2    a major subdivision or branch of the administration of a government  
3    a branch or subdivision of learning  
physics is a department of science     
4    a territorial and administrative division in several countries, such as France  
5    Informal   a specialized sphere of knowledge, skill, or activity  
wine-making is my wife's department     
     (C18: from French département, from départir to divide; see depart)  
  departmental      adj  
  departmentally      adv  

deck department  
      n   the part of a ship's crew, from the captain down, concerned with running the ship but not with heavy machinery or catering  
department store  
      n   a large shop divided into departments selling a great many kinds of goods  
fire department  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)   the department of a local authority responsible for the prevention and extinguishing of fires  
Rehabilitation Department  
      n     (N.Z.)   a government department set up after World War II to assist ex-servicemen,   (Often shortened to)    rehab  
State Department  
      n   the U.S. government department in charge of foreign affairs  

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1    district, division, province, region, sector  
2    branch, bureau, division, office, section, station, subdivision, unit  
3    area, domain, function, line, province, realm, responsibility, speciality, sphere  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
business operating in a "real world" not on the internet : like a department store, a car manufacturer
see : click and mortar : a business that combine new technologies and traditional business
to steal something from a shop or a store during trading hours
(in an organization) set up a more informal structure/workflow/environment; give up on communication protocols between departments
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