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1    the habitat or retreat of a lion or similar wild animal; lair  
2    a small or secluded room in a home, often used for carrying on a hobby  
3    a squalid or wretched room or retreat  
4    a site or haunt  
a den of vice     
5      (Scot)   a small wooded valley; dingle  
6      (Scot. and northern English)  
dialect   a place of sanctuary in certain catching games; home or base  
      vb   , dens, denning, denned  
7    intr   to live in or as if in a den  
     (Old English denn; related to Old High German tenni threshing floor, early Dutch denne low ground, den, cave)  

      abbrev. for   Denmark  
Den Bosch  
      n      another name for       's Hertogenbosch  
Den Haag  
      n      the Dutch name for (The)       Hague  
Den Helder     (Dutch)  
      n   a port in the W Netherlands, in North Holland province: fortified by Napoleon in 1811; naval station. Pop.: 61024 (1994)  
opium den  
      n   a place where opium is sold and used  
Unter den Linden     (German)  
      n   the main street of Berlin, formerly in East Berlin, extending to the Brandenburg Gate  
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1    cave, cavern, haunt, hide-out, hole, lair, shelter  
2    cloister, cubbyhole, hideaway, retreat, sanctuary, sanctum, snuggery, study  

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