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1    an evil spirit or devil  
2    a person, habit, obsession, etc., thought of as evil, cruel, or persistently tormenting  
3      (Also called)    daemon, daimon   an attendant or ministering spirit; genius  
the demon of inspiration     
a    a person who is extremely skilful in, energetic at, or devoted to a given activity, esp. a sport  
a demon at cycling     
b    (as modifier)  
a demon cyclist     
5       a variant spelling of       daemon       1  
6      (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal, archaic   a detective or policeman  
     (C15: from Latin daemon evil spirit, spirit, from Greek daimon spirit, deity, fate; see daemon)  
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1    devil, evil spirit, fiend, ghoul, goblin, malignant spirit  
2      (figurative)   devil, fiend, ghoul, monster, rogue, villain  
3    ace     (informal)   addict, fanatic, fiend, go-getter     (informal)   master, wizard  
4    daemon, daimon, genius, guardian spirit, ministering angel, numen  

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