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      vb   tr  
1    to tear down or break up (buildings, etc.)  
2    to destroy; put an end to (an argument, etc.)  
3    Facetious   to eat up  
she demolished the whole cake!     
     (C16: from French démolir, from Latin demoliri to throw down, destroy, from de- + moliri to strive, toil, construct, from moles mass, bulk)  
  demolisher      n  
  demolishment      n  
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1    bulldoze, destroy, dismantle, flatten, knock down, level, overthrow, pulverize, raze, ruin, tear down, total     (slang)   trash     (slang)  
2      (figurative)   annihilate, blow out of the water     (slang)   defeat, destroy, lick     (informal)   master, overthrow, overturn, stuff     (slang)   tank     (slang)   undo, wipe the floor with     (informal)   wreck  
3    consume, devour, eat, gobble up, put away  
1 & 2    build, construct, create, repair, restore, strengthen  

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