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      n   pl   , -cies  
1    government by the people or their elected representatives  
2    a political or social unit governed ultimately by all its members  
3    the practice or spirit of social equality  
4    a social condition of classlessness and equality  
5    the common people, esp. as a political force  
     (C16: from French démocratie, from Late Latin democratia, from Greek demokratia government by the people; see demo-, -cracy)  

Christian Democracy  
      n   the beliefs, principles, practices, or programme of a Christian Democratic party  
  Christian Democratic      adj  
industrial democracy  
      n   control of an organization by the people who work for it, esp. by workers holding positions on its board of directors  
people's democracy  
      n   (in Communist ideology) a country or form of government in transition from bourgeois democracy to socialism. In this stage there is more than one class, the largest being the proletariat, led by the Communist Party, which is therefore the dominant power  
social democracy  
      n   sometimes cap   the beliefs, principles, practices, or programme of a Social Democratic Party or of social democrats  
  social democratic      adj  
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commonwealth, government by the people, representative government, republic  

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