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1    failure or termination  
the demise of one's hopes     
2       a euphemistic or formal word for       death  
3      (Property law)  
a    a transfer of an estate by lease  
b    the passing or transfer of an estate on the death of the owner  
4    the immediate transfer of sovereignty to a successor upon the death, abdication, etc., of a ruler (esp. in the phrase demise of the crown)  
5    to transfer or be transferred by inheritance, will, or succession  
6    tr     (Property law)   to transfer (an estate, etc.) for a limited period; lease  
7    tr   to transfer (sovereignty, a title, etc.) by or as if by the death, deposition, etc., of a ruler  
     (C16: from Old French, feminine of demis dismissed, from demettre to send away, from Latin dimittere; see dismiss)  
  demisable      adj  
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1    death, decease, departure, expiration  
2    collapse, dissolution, downfall, end, failure, fall, ruin, termination  
3      (Law)   alienation, conveyance, transfer, transmission  
4      (Law)   bequeath, convey, grant, leave, transfer, will  

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