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1    extending or situated relatively far down from a surface  
a deep pool     
2    extending or situated relatively far inwards, backwards, or sideways  
a deep border of trees     
3      (Cricket)   relatively far from the pitch  
the deep field, deep third man     
a    postpositive   of a specified dimension downwards, inwards, or backwards  
six feet deep     
b    (in combination)  
a six-foot-deep trench     
5    coming from or penetrating to a great depth  
a deep breath     
6    difficult to understand or penetrate; abstruse  
7    learned or intellectually demanding  
a deep discussion     
8    of great intensity; extreme  
deep happiness, deep trouble     
9    postpositive; foll by: in   absorbed or enveloped (by); engrossed or immersed (in)  
deep in study, deep in debt     
10    very cunning or crafty; devious  
a deep plot     
11    mysterious or obscure  
a deep secret     
12    (of a colour) having an intense or dark hue  
13    low in pitch or tone  
a deep voice     
14    go off the deep end  
a    to lose one's temper; react angrily  
b      (Chiefly U.S.)   to act rashly  
15    in deep water   in a tricky position or in trouble  
16    throw (someone) in at the deep end      See       end       28  
17    any deep place on land or under water, esp. below 6000 metres (3000 fathoms)  
18    the deep  
a       a poetic term for the       ocean  
b      (Cricket)   the area of the field relatively far from the pitch  
19    the most profound, intense, or central part  
the deep of winter     
20    a vast extent, as of space or time  
21      (Nautical)   one of the intervals on a sounding lead, one fathom apart  
22    far on in time; late  
they worked deep into the night     
23    profoundly or intensely  
24    deep down  
Informal   in reality, esp. as opposed to appearance  
she is a very kind person deep down     
25    deep in the past   long ago  
     (Old English deop; related to Old High German tiof deep, Old Norse djupr)  
   deeply             adv  
  deepness      n  
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1    completely, gravely, profoundly, seriously, severely, thoroughly, to the core, to the heart, to the quick  
2    acutely, affectingly, distressingly, feelingly, intensely, mournfully, movingly, passionately, sadly  

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