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1    an edict, law, etc., made by someone in authority  
2    an order or judgment of a court made after hearing a suit, esp. in matrimonial proceedings  
   See       decree nisi       decree absolute  
      vb   , decrees, decreeing, decreed  
3    to order, adjudge, or ordain by decree  
     (C14: from Old French decre, from Latin decretum ordinance, from decretus decided, past participle of decernere to determine; see decern)  
  decreeable      adj  
  decreer      n  

decree absolute  
      n   the final decree in divorce proceedings, which leaves the parties free to remarry  
   Compare       decree nisi  
decree nisi  
      n   a provisional decree, esp. in divorce proceedings, which will later be made absolute unless cause is shown why it should not  
   Compare       decree absolute  
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      n   act, canon, command, demand, dictum, edict, enactment, law, mandate, order, ordinance, precept, proclamation, regulation, ruling, statute  
      vb   command, decide, demand, determine, dictate, enact, establish, lay down, ordain, order, prescribe, proclaim, pronounce, rule  

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