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      n   pl   , -ta  
1    a single piece of information; fact  
2    a proposition taken for granted, often in order to construct some theoretical framework upon it; a given  
   See also       sense datum  
     (C17: from Latin: something given; see data)  

datum plane   , level, line  
      n     (Surveying)   the horizontal plane from which heights and depths are calculated  
Newlyn datum  
      n      another name for       ordnance datum  
     (named after Newlyn, Cornwall, where the observations were taken)  
ordnance datum  
      n   mean sea level calculated from observation taken at Newlyn, Cornwall, and used as the official basis for height calculation on British maps,   (Abbrev.)    OD  
sense datum  
      n     (Philosophy)   a sensation detached both from any information it may convey and from its putative source in the external world, such as the bare awareness of a red visual field. Sense data are held by some philosophers to be the immediate objects of experience providing certain knowledge from which knowledge of material objects is inferred  
   See also       representationalism       1       apriorism  
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