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1    having little or no light  
a dark street     
2    (of a colour) reflecting or transmitting little light  
dark brown         Compare       light   1       29       medium       2  
a    (of complexion, hair colour, etc.) not fair or blond; swarthy; brunette  
b    (in combination)  
4    gloomy or dismal  
5    sinister; evil  
a dark purpose     
6    sullen or angry  
a dark scowl     
7    ignorant or unenlightened  
a dark period in our history     
8    secret or mysterious  
keep it dark     
9      (Phonetics)   denoting an (l) pronounced with a velar articulation giving back vowel resonance. In English, l is usually dark when final or preconsonantal.  
   Compare       light   1       30  
10    absence of light; darkness  
11    night or nightfall  
12    a dark place, patch, or shadow  
13    a state of ignorance (esp. in the phrase in the dark)  
14       an archaic word for       darken  
     (Old English deorc; related to Old High German terchennen to hide)  
  darkish      adj  
  darkly      adv  
   darkness             n  

Prince of Darkness  
      n      another name for       Satan  
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1    blackness, dark, dimness, dusk, duskiness, gloom, murk, murkiness, nightfall, obscurity, shade, shadiness, shadows  
2      (figurative)   blindness, concealment, ignorance, mystery, privacy, secrecy, unawareness  

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