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      vb   , -lies, -lying, -lied   intr  
1    to waste time idly; dawdle  
2    usually foll by: with   to deal frivolously or lightly with; trifle; toy  
to dally with someone's affections     
     (C14: from Anglo-French dalier to gossip, of uncertain origin)  
  dallier      n  

      vb   , -lies, -lying, -lied   intr  
Informal   to loiter or vacillate  
     (C17: by reduplication from dally)  
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1    dawdle, delay, dilly-dally     (informal)   drag one's feet or heels, fool (about or around), fritter away, hang about, linger, loiter, procrastinate, tarry, waste time, while away  
2      (often with)       with   caress, flirt, fondle, fool (about or around), frivol     (informal)   lead on, play, play fast and loose     (informal)   tamper, tease, toy, trifle  
1    hasten, hurry (up), make haste, push forward or on, run, step on it     (informal)  

dally, dawdle, delay, dither     (chiefly Brit.)   falter, fluctuate, hesitate, hover, hum and haw, linger, loiter, potter, procrastinate, shillyshally     (informal)   trifle, vacillate, waver  

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