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1    a continuously bending line that has no straight parts  
2    something that curves or is curved, such as a bend in a road or the contour of a woman's body  
3    the act or extent of curving; curvature  
4      (Maths)  
a    a system of points whose coordinates satisfy a given equation; a locus of points  
b    the graph of a function with one independent variable  
5    a line representing data, esp. statistical data, on a graph  
an unemployment curve     
6       short for       French curve  
7    to take or cause to take the shape or path of a curve; bend  
   Related adj       sinuous  
     (C15: from Latin curvare to bend, from curvus crooked)  
  curvedly      adv  
  curvedness      n  
  curvy      adj  

characteristic curve  
      n     (Photog)   a graph of the density of a particular photographic material plotted against the logarithm of the exposure producing this density  
curve ball  
1      (Baseball)   a ball pitched in a curving path so as to make it more difficult to hit  
2    Informal   something deceptive  
his wholesome image was a curve ball thrown to deceive the public     
death-valley curve  
      n   a curve on a graph showing how the capital of a new company plotted against time declines sharply as the venture capital is used up before income reaches predicted levels  
French curve  
      n   a thin plastic sheet with profiles of several curves, used by draughtsmen for drawing curves  
growth curve  
      n   a curve on a graph in which a variable is plotted against time to illustrate the growth of the variable  
Laffer curve  
      n     (Economics)   a curve on a graph showing government tax revenue plotted against percentage tax rates. It has been used to show that a cut in a high tax rate can increase government revenue  
     (C20: named after Arthur Laffer (born 1940), US economist)  
learning curve  
      n   a graphical representation of progress in learning  
I'm still only half way up the learning curve     
normal curve  
      n     (Statistics)   a symmetrical bell-shaped curve representing the probability density function of a normal distribution. The area of a vertical section of the curve represents the probability that the random variable lies between the values which delimit the section  
Phillips curve  
      n     (Economics)   a curve that purports to plot the relationship between unemployment and inflation on the theory that as inflation falls unemployment rises and vice versa  
     (C20: named after A. W. H. Phillips (1914--75), English economist who formulated the theory)  
RIAA curve  
      n     (Electronics)   a graphical representation, adopted as a worldwide standard, of the amplitude in relation to frequency response required for correct reproduction of microgroove disc recordings, compensating for the characteristics of the recording process  
     (C20: Record Industry Association of America)  
sine curve  
      n   a curve of the equation y = sin x,   (Also called)    sinusoid  
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      vb   arc, arch, bend, bow, coil, hook, inflect, spiral, swerve, turn, twist, wind  
      n   arc, bend, camber, curvature, half-moon, loop, trajectory, turn  

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