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1    a piece of material that can be drawn across an opening or window, to shut out light or to provide privacy  
2    a barrier to vision, access, or communication  
a curtain of secrecy     
3    a hanging cloth or similar barrier for concealing all or part of a theatre stage from the audience  
4    often preceded by: the   the end of a scene of a play, opera, etc., marked by the fall or closing of the curtain  
5    the rise or opening of the curtain at the start of a performance  
6    tr; sometimes foll by: off   to shut off or conceal with or as if with a curtain  
7    tr   to provide (a window, etc.) with curtains,   (See also)        curtains  
     (C13: from Old French courtine, from Late Latin cortina enclosed place, curtain, probably from Latin cohors courtyard)  

air curtain  
      n   an air stream across a doorway to exclude draughts, etc.  
bamboo curtain  
      n   (esp. in the 1950s and 1960s) the political and military barrier to communications around the People's Republic of China  
curtain call  
      n   the appearance of performers at the end of a theatrical performance to acknowledge applause  
curtain lecture  
      n   a scolding or rebuke given in private, esp. by a wife to her husband  
     (alluding to the curtained beds where such rebukes were once given)  
1      (Theatre)   a short dramatic piece presented before the main play  
2    any preliminary event  
the debate was a curtain-raiser to the election     
curtain speech  
1    a talk given in front of the curtain after a stage performance, often by the author or an actor  
2    the final speech of an act or a play  
curtain wall  
1    a non-load-bearing external wall attached to a framed structure, often one that is prefabricated  
2    a low wall outside the outer wall of a castle, serving as a first line of defence  
drop curtain  
      n     (Theatre)   a curtain that is suspended from the flies and can be raised and lowered onto the stage,   (Also called)    drop cloth, drop  
Iron Curtain  
a    (formerly) the guarded border between the countries of the Soviet bloc and the rest of Europe  
b    (as modifier)  
Iron Curtain countries     
safety curtain  
      n   a curtain made of fireproof material that can be lowered to separate the auditorium and stage in a theatre to prevent the spread of a fire  
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      n   drape     (chiefly U.S.)   hanging  
      vb   conceal, drape, hide, screen, shroud, shut off, shutter, veil  

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very thin fabric used for theatre backdrops, translucent curtains etc
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