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crown prince


      n   the male heir to a sovereign throne  
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1    an ornamental headdress denoting sovereignty, usually made of gold embedded with precious stones  
2    a wreath or garland for the head, awarded as a sign of victory, success, honour, etc.  
3    sometimes cap   monarchy or kingship  
4    an award, distinction, or title, given as an honour to reward merit, victory, etc.  
5    anything resembling or symbolizing a crown, such as a sergeant major's badge or a heraldic bearing  
a      (History)   a coin worth 25 pence (five shillings)  
b    any of several continental coins, such as the krona or krone, with a name meaning crown  
7    the top or summit of something, esp. of a rounded object  
crown of a hill, crown of the head     
8    the centre part of a road, esp. when it is cambered  
9      (Botany)  
a    the leaves and upper branches of a tree  
b    the junction of root and stem, usually at the level of the ground  
c       another name for       corona       6  
10      (Zoology)  
a    the cup and arms of a crinoid, as distinct from the stem  
b    the crest of a bird  
11    the outstanding quality, achievement, state, etc.  
the crown of his achievements     
a    the enamel-covered part of a tooth above the gum  
b    artificial crown   a substitute crown, usually of gold, porcelain, or acrylic resin, fitted over a decayed or broken tooth  
13    the part of a cut gem above the girdle  
14      (Horology)   a knurled knob for winding a watch  
15    the part of an anchor where the arms are joined to the shank  
16    the highest part of an arch or vault  
17    a standard size of printing paper, 15 by 20 inches  
      vb   tr  
18    to put a crown on the head of, symbolically vesting with royal title, powers, etc.  
19    to place a crown, wreath, garland, etc., on the head of  
20    to place something on or over the head or top of  
he crowned the pie with cream     
21    to confer a title, dignity, or reward upon  
he crowned her best cook     
22    to form the summit or topmost part of  
the steeple crowned the tower     
23    to cap or put the finishing touch to a series of events  
to crown it all it rained, too     
24      (Draughts)   to promote (a draught) to a king by placing another draught on top of it, as after reaching the end of the board  
25    to attach a crown to (a tooth)  
26    Slang   to hit over the head  
     (C12: from Old French corone, from Latin corona wreath, crown, from Greek korone crown, something curved)  
  crownless      adj  

      n   sometimes not cap; usually preceded by: the  
1    the sovereignty or realm of a monarch  
a    the government of a constitutional monarchy  
b    (as modifier)  
Crown property     
Crown Agent  
1    a member of a board appointed by the Minister for Overseas Development to provide financial, commercial, and professional services for a number of overseas governments and international bodies  
2      (Scot)   not caps   a solicitor dealing with criminal prosecutions  
crown and anchor  
      n   a game played with dice marked with crowns and anchors  
Crown attorney  
      n     (Canadian)   a lawyer who acts for the Crown, esp. as prosecutor in a criminal court  
crown cap  
      n     (Brit)   an airtight metal seal crimped on the top of most bottled beers, ciders, mineral waters, etc.  
crown colony  
      n   a British colony whose administration and legislature is controlled by the Crown  
crown court  
      n     (English law)   a court of criminal jurisdiction holding sessions in towns throughout England and Wales at which circuit judges hear and determine cases  
Crown Derby  
1    a type of porcelain manufactured at Derby from 1784--1848  
2    Trademark   shortened form of Royal Crown Derby  
crown ether  
      n     (Chem)   a type of cyclic ether consisting of a ring of carbon and oxygen atoms, with two carbon atoms between each oxygen atom  
crown glass  
1       another name for       optical crown  
2    an old form of window glass made by blowing a globe and spinning it until it formed a flat disc  
crown graft  
      n     (Horticulture)   a type of graft in which the scion is inserted at the crown of the stock  
crown green  
      n   a type of bowling green in which the sides are lower than the middle  
crown imperial  
      n   a liliaceous garden plant, Fritillaria imperialis, with a cluster of leaves and orange bell-shaped flowers at the top of the stem  
crown-jewel option  
Informal   an option given by a company subjected to an unwelcome takeover bid to a friendly firm, allowing this firm to buy one or more of its best businesses if the bid succeeds  
crown jewels  
      pl n   the jewellery, including the regalia, used by a sovereign on a state occasion  
crown land  
1    (in the United Kingdom) land belonging to the Crown  
2    public land in some dominions of the Commonwealth  
crown lens  
      n   a lens made of optical crown, esp. the optical-crown part of a compound achromatic lens  
Crown Office  
      n   (in England) an office of the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court that is responsible for administration and where actions are entered for trial  
1    a starfish, Acanthaster planci, that has a spiny test and feeds on living coral in coral reefs  
2      (Also called)    Christs thorn   a thorny euphorbiaceous Madagascan shrub, Euphorbia splendens, cultivated as a hedging shrub or pot plant, having flowers with scarlet bracts  
crown prince  
      n   the male heir to a sovereign throne  
crown princess  
1    the wife of a crown prince  
2    the female heir to a sovereign throne  
Crown Prosecution Service  
      n   (in England and Wales) an independent prosecuting body, established in 1986, that decides whether cases brought by the police should go to the courts: headed by the Director of Public Prosecutions  
   Compare       procurator fiscal     (Abbrev.)    CPS  
Crown prosecutor  
      n     (Canadian)      another name for       Crown attorney  
crown roast  
      n   a roast consisting of ribs of lamb or pork arranged in a crown shape  
crown saw  
      n   a hollow cylinder with cutting teeth forming a rotary saw for trepanning  
crown vetch  
      n   a trailing papilionaceous European plant, Coronilla varia, with clusters of white or pink flowers: cultivated in North America as a border plant,   (Also called (U.S.))    axseed  
crown wheel  
1      (Horology)   the wheel next to the winding knob that has one set of teeth at right angles to the other  
2    the larger of the two gears in a bevel gear  
      n      another name for a       half-crown  
      n   a British silver or cupronickel coin worth two shillings and sixpence (now equivalent to 12½p), taken out of circulation in 1970,   (Also called)    half-a-crown  
Minister of the Crown  
      n     (Brit)   any Government minister of cabinet rank  
olive crown  
      n   (esp. in ancient Greece and Rome) a garland of olive leaves awarded as a token of victory  
optical crown  
      n   an optical glass of low dispersion and relatively low refractive index. It is used in the construction of lenses  
triple crown  
1      (R.C. Church)   the Pope's tiara  
2      (Horse racing)   the winning of three important races in one season  
3    often cap     (Rugby Union)   a victory by Scotland, England, Wales, or Ireland in all three games against the others in the annual Five Nations Championship  
   Compare       grand slam       3  

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1    chaplet, circlet, coronal     (poetic)   coronet, diadem, tiara  
2    bays, distinction, garland, honour, kudos, laurels, laurel wreath, prize, trophy  
3    emperor, empress, king, monarch, monarchy, queen, rex, royalty, ruler, sovereign, sovereignty  
4    acme, apex, crest, head, perfection, pinnacle, summit, tip, top, ultimate, zenith  
5    adorn, dignify, festoon, honour, invest, reward  
6    be the climax or culmination of, cap, complete, consummate, finish, fulfil, perfect, put the finishing touch to, put the tin lid on, round off, surmount, terminate, top  
7      (slang)   belt     (informal)   biff     (slang)   box, cuff, hit over the head, punch  

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