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cross paths v.
meet; cross each other's lives; be brought together
E.g.:They crossed paths fifteen years ago and they are best friends since then.

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Grizzly/Polar bear cross
innovation paradigm that assumes firms should use external ideas and/or external paths to market in their innovation process
[Tech.];[Bus.] word coined by Henry Chesbrough, who opposes this paradigm to the closed innovation one, where all the innovation process happens within the borders of the firm.
expression meaning that several or all members of a family have something in common (a skill, a feature, a path or a behavior)
E.g.: He became an actor too. It runs in the family.
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1    a structure or symbol consisting essentially of two intersecting lines or pieces at right angles to one another  
2    a wooden structure used as a means of execution, consisting of an upright post with a transverse piece to which people were nailed or tied  
3    a representation of the Cross used as an emblem of Christianity or as a reminder of Christ's death  
4    any mark or shape consisting of two intersecting lines, esp. such a symbol (x) used as a signature, point of intersection, error mark, etc.  
5    a sign representing the Cross made either by tracing a figure in the air or by touching the forehead, breast, and either shoulder in turn  
6    any conventional variation of the Christian symbol, used emblematically, decoratively, or heraldically, such as a Maltese, tau, or Greek cross  
7      (Heraldry)   any of several charges in which one line crosses or joins another at right angles  
8    a cruciform emblem awarded to indicate membership of an order or as a decoration for distinguished service  
9    sometimes cap   Christianity or Christendom, esp. as contrasted with non-Christian religions  

Cross and Crescent

10    the place in a town or village where a cross has been set up  
11    a pipe fitting, in the form of a cross, for connecting four pipes  
12      (Biology)  
a    the process of crossing; hybridization  
b    an individual produced as a result of this process  
13    a mixture of two qualities or types  
he's a cross between a dictator and a saint     
14    an opposition, hindrance, or misfortune; affliction (esp. in the phrase bear one's cross)  
15    Slang   a match or game in which the outcome has been rigged  
16    Slang   a fraud or swindle  
17      (Boxing)   a straight punch delivered from the side, esp. with the right hand  
18      (Football)   the act or an instance of kicking or passing the ball from a wing to the middle of the field  
19    on the cross  
a    diagonally  
b    Slang   dishonestly  
20    sometimes foll by: over   to move or go across (something); traverse or intersect  
we crossed the road     
a    to meet and pass  
the two trains crossed     
b    (of each of two letters in the post) to be dispatched before receipt of the other  
22    tr; usually foll by: out, off, or through   to cancel with a cross or with lines; delete  
23    tr   to place or put in a form resembling a cross  
to cross one's legs     
24    tr   to mark with a cross or crosses  
25    tr     (Brit)   to draw two parallel lines across the face of (a cheque) and so make it payable only into a bank account  
26    tr  
a    to trace the form of the Cross, usually with the thumb or index finger upon (someone or something) in token of blessing  
b    to make the sign of the Cross upon (oneself)  
27    intr   (of telephone lines) to interfere with each other so that three or perhaps four callers are connected together at one time  
28    to cause fertilization between (plants or animals of different breeds, races, varieties, etc.)  
29    tr   to oppose the wishes or plans of; thwart  
his opponent crosses him at every turn     
30      (Football)   to kick or pass (the ball) from a wing to the middle of the field  
31    tr     (Nautical)   to set (the yard of a square sail) athwartships  
32    cross a bridge when one comes to it   to deal with matters, problems, etc., as they arise; not to anticipate difficulties  
33    cross one's fingers   to fold one finger across another in the hope of bringing good luck  
keep your fingers crossed     
34    cross one's heart   to promise or pledge, esp. by making the sign of a cross over one's heart  
35    cross one's mind   to occur to one briefly or suddenly  
36    cross someone's palm   to give someone money  
37    cross the path (of)   to meet or thwart (someone)  
38    cross swords   to argue or fight  
39    angry; ill-humoured; vexed  
40    lying or placed across; transverse  
a cross timber     
41    involving interchange; reciprocal  
42    contrary or unfavourable  
43       another word for       crossbred       1  
44       a Brit. slang word for       dishonest  
     (Old English cros, from Old Irish cross (unattested), from Latin crux; see crux)  
  crosser      n  
  crossly      adv  
  crossness      n  

Calvary cross  
      n   a Latin cross with a representation of three steps beneath it  
Celtic cross  
      n   a Latin cross with a broad ring surrounding the point of intersection  
Charing Cross  
      n   a district of London, in the city of Westminster: the modern cross (1863) in front of Charing Cross railway station replaces the one erected by Edward I (1290), the last of twelve marking the route of the funeral procession of his queen, Eleanor  
Cross   [1]  
1    the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified  
2    the Crucifixion of Jesus  
Cross   [2]  
      n   Richard Assheton, 1st Viscount. 1823--1914, British Conservative statesman, home secretary (1874--80); noted for reforms affecting housing, public health, and the employment of women and children in factories  
      combining form  
1    indicating action from one individual, group, etc., to another  
cross-cultural, cross-fertilize, cross-refer     
2    indicating movement, position, etc., across something (sometimes implying interference, opposition, or contrary action)  
crosscurrent, crosstalk     
3    indicating a crosslike figure or intersection  
     (from cross (in various senses))  
cross assembler  
      n   an assembler that runs on a computer other than the one for which it assembles programs  
cross bedding  
      n     (Geology)   layering within one or more beds in a series of rock strata that does not run parallel to the plane of stratification,   (Also called)    false bedding  
      n   usually pl     (Brit)   a seat in Parliament occupied by a neutral or independent member  
  cross-bencher      n  
      n   a wrestling throw in which the hips are used as a fulcrum to throw an opponent  
cross colour  
      n   distortion in a colour television receiver in which high-frequency luminance detail is interpreted as colour information and reproduced as flashes of spurious colour  
      n     (Statistics)   the correlation between two sequences of random variables in a time series  
1    by way of fields, woods, etc., as opposed to roads  
cross-country running     
2    across a country  
a cross-country railway     
3    a long race held over open ground  
      adj   involving or bridging the differences between cultures  
      adj     (Brit, education)   denoting or relating to an approach to a topic that includes contributions from several different disciplines and viewpoints  
      n     (Archaeol)   a method of dating objects, remains, etc., by comparison and correlation with other sites and levels  
1    transvestism  
   See       transvestite  
2    the wearing of clothes normally associated with the opposite sex  
  cross-dresser      n  
      vb   tr  
1      (Law)   to examine (a witness for the opposing side), as in attempting to discredit his testimony  
   Compare       examine-in-chief  
2    to examine closely or relentlessly  
  cross-examination      n  
  cross-examiner      n  
      n   a turning inwards towards the nose of one or both eyes, caused by abnormal alignment  
   See also       strabismus  
  cross-eyed      adj  
      vb     (Radio, television)   to fade in (one sound or picture source) as another is being faded out  
1    fertilization by the fusion of male and female gametes from different individuals of the same species  
   Compare       self-fertilization  
2    not in technical use   cross-pollination  
  cross-fertile      adj  
      vb   to subject or be subjected to cross-fertilization  
      n   a hinge with a long horizontal strap fixed to the face of a door and a short vertical leaf fixed to the door frame  
1    (of timber) having the fibres arranged irregularly or in a direction that deviates from the axis of the piece  
2    perverse, cantankerous, or stubborn  
cross hairs  
      pl n   two fine mutually perpendicular lines or wires that cross in the focal plane of a theodolite, gunsight, or other optical instrument and are used to define the line of sight,   (Also called)    cross wires  
1    a note or notes referring the reader to other material  
2    intr   (of a note in a book) to refer to related material  
3    to provide or be provided with cross-indexes  
1    sitting with the legs bent and the knees pointing outwards  
2    standing or sitting with one leg crossed over the other  
cross-link   , cross-linkage  
      n   a chemical bond, atom, or group of atoms that connects two adjacent chains of atoms in a large molecule such as a polymer or protein  
      n     (Immunol)   to test the compatibility of (a donor's and recipient's blood) by checking that the red cells of each do not agglutinate in the other's serum  
      adj   having to do with interaction between the senses  
cross of Lorraine  
      n   a cross with two horizontal bars above and below the midpoint of the vertical bar, the lower longer than the upper  
Cross of Valour  
      n   the highest Canadian award for bravery,   (Abbrev.)    CV  
      adj   (of a motor tyre) having the fabric cords in the outer casing running diagonally to stiffen the sidewalls  
   Compare       radial-ply  
      vb   to subject or be subjected to cross-pollination  
      n   the transfer of pollen from the anthers of one flower to the stigma of another flower by the action of wind, insects, etc.  
   Compare       self-pollination  
cross press  
      n   a fall in wrestling using the weight of the body to pin an opponent's shoulders to the floor  
cross product  
      n     (Maths)  
1       another name for       vector product  
2       another name for       Cartesian product  
cross protection  
      n     (Botany)   the protection against a viral infection given to a plant by its prior inoculation with a related but milder virus  
1    a contrary aim or purpose  
2    at cross-purporses   conflicting; opposed; disagreeing  
      vb   tr  
1    to cross-examine  
2    a question asked in cross-examination  
  cross-questioning      n  
      vb   to refer from one part of something, esp. a book, to another  
1    a reference within a text to another part of the text  
2    to cross-refer  
cross relation  
      n      another term (esp. U.S.) for       false relation  
Cross River  
      n   a state of SE Nigeria, on the Gulf of Guinea. Capital: Calabar. Pop.: 2085926 (1995 est.). Area: 20156 sq. km (7782 sq. miles),   (Former name (until 1976))    South-Eastern State  
cross section  
1      (Maths)   a plane surface formed by cutting across a solid, esp. perpendicular to its longest axis  
2    a section cut off in this way  
3    the act of cutting anything in this way  
4    a random selection or sample, esp. one regarded as representative  
a cross section of the public     
5      (Surveying)   a vertical section of a line of ground at right angles to a survey line  
6      (Physics)   a measure of the probability that a collision process will result in a particular reaction. It is expressed by the effective area that one participant presents as a target for the other  
  cross-sectional      adj  
      n   the part of a lathe or planing machine on which the tool post is mounted and across which it slides at right angles to the bed of the lathe  
1    an embroidery stitch made by two stitches forming a cross  
2    embroidery worked with this stitch  
3    to embroider (a piece of needlework) with cross-stitch  
      adj     (U.S. and Canadian)   going across or following a route across a town  
a cross-town bus     
cross training  
      n   training in two or more sports to improve performance, esp. on one's main sport  
cross vine  
      n   a woody bignoniaceous vine, Bignonia capreolata, of the southeastern U.S., having large trumpet-shaped reddish flowers  
cross wires  
      pl n      another name for       cross hairs  
a    a form of cycle race held over rough ground  
b    this sport  
double cross  
      n   a technique for producing hybrid stock, esp. seed for cereal crops, by crossing the hybrids between two different pairs of inbred lines  
1    tr   to cheat or betray  
2    the act or an instance of double-crossing; betrayal  
  double-crosser      n  
fiery cross  
1    a burning cross, used as a symbol by the Ku Klux Klan  
2    a wooden cross with ends charred or dipped in blood formerly used by Scottish Highlanders to summon the clans to battle  
George Cross  
      n   a British award for bravery, esp. of civilians: instituted 1940,   (Abbrev.)    GC  
Greek cross  
      n   a cross with each of the four arms of the same length  
Green Cross Code  
      n   (in Britain) a code for children giving rules for road safety: first issued in 1971  
hot cross bun  
      n   a yeast bun with spices, currants, and sometimes candied peel, marked with a cross and traditionally eaten on Good Friday  
Iron Cross  
      n   the highest decoration for bravery awarded to the German armed forces in wartime: instituted in 1813  
Jerusalem cross  
      n   a cross the equal arms of which end in a bar,   (Also called)    cross potent  
John of the Cross  
      n   Saint. original name Juan de Yepis y Alvarez. 1542--91, Spanish Carmelite monk, poet, and mystic. He founded the Discalced Carmelites with Saint Teresa (1568). Feast day: Dec. 14  
Latin cross  
      n   a cross the lowest arm of which is longer than the other three  
Lorraine cross  
      n      See       cross of Lorraine  
Maltese cross  
1    a cross with triangular arms that taper towards the centre, sometimes having indented outer sides: formerly worn by the Knights of Malta  
2    (in a film projector) a cam mechanism of this shape that produces intermittent motion  
Northern Cross  
      n   a group of the five brightest stars that form a large cross in the constellation Cygnus  
papal cross  
      n   a cross with three crosspieces  
patriarchal cross  
      n   a cross with two high horizontal bars, the upper one shorter than the lower  
Red Cross  
1    an international humanitarian organization (Red Cross Society) formally established by the Geneva Convention of 1864. It was originally limited to providing medical care for war casualties but its services now include liaison between prisoners of war and their families, relief to victims of natural disasters, etc.  
2    any national branch of this organization  
3    the emblem of this organization, consisting of a red cross on a white background  
Saint Andrew's Cross  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , St Andrew's Cross  
1    a diagonal cross with equal arms  
2    a white diagonal cross on a blue ground  
     (C18: so called because Saint Andrew is reputed to have been crucified on a cross of this shape)  
Saint Anthony's Cross  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , St Anthony's Cross      another name for       tau cross  
Saint George's Cross  
      n   usually abbreviated to   , St George's Cross   a red Greek cross on a white background  
sign of the cross  
      n     (Chiefly R.C. Church)   a gesture in which the right hand is moved from the forehead to the breast and from the left shoulder to the right to describe the form of a cross in order to invoke the grace of Christ  
      n     (Genetics)   a hybrid of the first generation between two inbred lines  
Southern Cross  
1    a small conspicuous constellation in the S hemisphere lying in the Milky Way near Centaurus. The four brightest stars form a cross the longer arm of which points to the south celestial pole,   (Formal names)    Crux, Crux Australis  
2      (Austral)   the flag flown at the Eureka Stockade  
Stations of the Cross  
      pl n     (R.C. Church)  
1    a series of 14 crosses, often accompanied by 14 pictures or carvings, arranged in order around the walls of a church, to commemorate 14 supposed stages in Christ's journey to Calvary  
2    a devotion consisting of 14 prayers relating to each of these stages  
tau cross  
      n   a cross shaped like the Greek letter tau,   (Also called)    Saint Anthonys cross  
Victoria Cross  
      n   the highest decoration for gallantry in the face of the enemy awarded to the British and Commonwealth armed forces: instituted in 1856 by Queen Victoria  
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