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1    skill or ability, esp. in handiwork  
2    skill in deception and trickery; guile; cunning  
3    an occupation or trade requiring special skill, esp. manual dexterity  
a    the members of such a trade, regarded collectively  
b    (as modifier)  
a craft guild     
5    a single vessel, aircraft, or spacecraft  
6    functioning as pl   ships, boats, aircraft, or spacecraft collectively  
7    tr   to make or fashion with skill, esp. by hand  
     (Old English cræft skill, strength; related to Old Norse kraptr power, skill, Old High German kraft)  

craft apprenticeship  
      n   a period of training for a skilled trade in industry, such as for a plumber or electrician  
craft union  
      n   a labour organization membership of which is restricted to workers in a specified trade or craft  
   Compare       industrial union  
      n   skill in domestic management  
landing craft  
      n     (Military)   any small vessel designed for the landing of troops and equipment on beaches  
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1    ability, aptitude, art, artistry, cleverness, dexterity, expertise, expertness, ingenuity, knack, know-how     (informal)   skill, technique, workmanship  
2    artfulness, artifice, contrivance, craftiness, cunning, deceit, duplicity, guile, ruse, scheme, shrewdness, stratagem, subterfuge, subtlety, trickery, wiles  
3    business, calling, employment, handicraft, handiwork, line, occupation, pursuit, trade, vocation, work  
4    aircraft, barque, boat, plane, ship, spacecraft, vessel  

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