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, co-operative  
1    willing to cooperate; helpful  
2    acting in conjunction with others; cooperating  
a    (of an enterprise, farm, etc.) owned collectively and managed for joint economic benefit  
b    (of an economy or economic activity) based on collective ownership and cooperative use of the means of production and distribution  
4    a cooperative organization  
5      (Also called)    cooperative apartment     (U.S.)   a block of flats belonging to a corporation in which shares are owned in proportion to the relative value of the flat occupied,   (Sometimes shortened to)    coop      Compare       condominium       3  
  cooperatively, co-operatively      adv  
  cooperativeness, co-operativeness      n  

cooperative bank  
      n      a U.S. name for       building society  
cooperative farm  
1    a farm that is run in cooperation with others in the purchasing and using of machinery, stock, etc., and in the marketing of produce through its own institutions (farmers' cooperatives)  
2    a farm that is owned by a cooperative society  
3    a farm run on a communal basis, such as a kibbutz  
4       another name for       collective farm  
Cooperative Party  
      n   (in Great Britain) a political party supporting the cooperative movement and linked with the Labour Party: founded in 1917  
cooperative society  
      n   a commercial enterprise owned and managed by and for the benefit of customers or workers,   (Often shortened to)    coop, co-op  
workers' cooperative  
      n      See       cooperative       4  
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1    accommodating, helpful, obliging, responsive, supportive  
2    coactive, collective, combined, concerted, coordinated, joint, shared, unified, united  

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