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cool drink


      n     (S. African)   any soft drink  
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1    moderately cold  
a cool day     
2    comfortably free of heat  
a cool room     
3    producing a pleasant feeling of coldness  
a cool shirt     
4    able to conceal emotion; calm  
a cool head     
5    lacking in enthusiasm, affection, cordiality, etc.  
a cool welcome     
6    calmly audacious or impudent  
7    Informal   (esp. of numbers, sums of money, etc.) without exaggeration; actual  
a cool ten thousand     
8    (of a colour) having violet, blue, or green predominating; cold  
9    (of jazz) characteristic of the late 1940s and early 1950s, economical and rhythmically relaxed  
10    Informal   sophisticated or elegant, esp. in an unruffled way  
11    Informal   excellent; marvellous  
12    Not standard   in a cool manner; coolly  
13    coolness  
the cool of the evening     
14    Slang   calmness; composure (esp. in the phrases keep or lose one's cool)  
15    Slang   unruffled elegance or sophistication  
16    usually foll by: down or off   to make or become cooler  
17    usually foll by: down or off   to lessen the intensity of (anger or excitement) or (of anger or excitement) to become less intense; calm down  
18    cool it   usually imperative  
Slang   to calm down; take it easy  
19    cool one's heels   to wait or be kept waiting,   (See also)        cool out  
     (Old English col; related to Old Norse kolna, Old High German kuoli; see cold, chill)  
  coolingly      adv  
  coolingness      n  
  coolish      adj  
  coolly      adv  
  coolness      n  

      vb   tr   to cool (an engine) by a flow of air  
   Compare       water-cool  
cool bag   , box  
      n   an insulated container used to keep food cool on picnics, to carry frozen food, etc.  
cool drink  
      n     (S. African)   any soft drink  
cool out  
      vb   intr, adv     (Caribbean)   to relax and cool down  
      vb   tr   to cool (an engine, etc.) by a flow of water circulating in an enclosed jacket  
   Compare       air-cool  
  water-cooled      adj  
  water-cooling      adj  

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1    chilled, chilling, chilly, coldish, nippy, refreshing  
2    calm, collected, composed, deliberate, dispassionate, imperturbable, laid-back     (informal)   level-headed, placid, quiet, relaxed, sedate, self-controlled, self-possessed, serene, together     (slang)   unemotional, unexcited, unfazed     (informal)   unruffled  
3    aloof, apathetic, distant, frigid, incurious, indifferent, lukewarm, offhand, reserved, standoffish, uncommunicative, unconcerned, unenthusiastic, unfriendly, uninterested, unresponsive, unwelcoming  
4    audacious, bold, brazen, cheeky, impertinent, impudent, presumptuous, shameless  
5      (informal)   cosmopolitan, elegant, sophisticated, urbane  
6    chill, cool off, freeze, lose heat, refrigerate  
7    abate, allay, assuage, calm (down), dampen, lessen, moderate, quiet, temper  
8      (slang)   calmness, composure, control, poise, self-control, self-discipline, self-possession, temper  
,       adj  
1    lukewarm, moderately hot, sunny, tepid, warm  
2    agitated, delirious, excited, impassioned, nervous, overwrought, perturbed, tense, troubled, twitchy     (informal)  
3    amiable, chummy     (informal)   cordial, friendly, outgoing, receptive, responsive, sociable, warm  
6    heat, reheat, take the chill off, thaw, warm, warm up  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
Slang for "excellent" "That is so coolio!" with the meaning "That is so excellent!"
blindly believe in smth.; embrace an idea/practice without questioning it.
from the mass-suicide led by People Temple organization leader in 1978, who asked his followers to drink poisoned Kool-Aid juice.
be kept waiting
cool, balanced, self-confident
e.g. a very together woman
An idiot person who thinks he's cool
Idiotland;[Hum.] Jeffy has a pencil up his nose.
Slang term meaning good looking, stylish or cool.
[Slang] Used to describe anything that looks really good or on point. Example: Jen's eyebrows are snatched!
a cool way of saying 'for sure', 'definitely'
[US];[informal] popularized among others by the rapper Snoop Dogg. Ex: Hey dude, this party is going to be off the hook, fo’ shizzle!
(british slang) "a strong drink" as in "i need a stiff whisky so pour me a real snorter", or (nautical slang) "a strong wind".
bar or counter where drinks are served without limitation after paying a fixed fee
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