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      vb   mainly tr  
1    to change or adapt the form, character, or function of; transform  
2    to cause (someone) to change in opinion, belief, etc.  
3    to change (a person or his way of life, etc.) for the better  
4    intr   to admit of being changed (into)  
the table converts into a tray     
5    also intr   to change or be changed into another chemical compound or physical state  
to convert water into ice     
6      (Law)  
a    to assume unlawful proprietary rights over (personal property)  
b    to change (property) from realty into personalty or vice versa  
7    also intr     (Rugby)   to make a conversion after (a try)  
8      (Logic)   to transpose the subject and predicate of (a proposition) by conversion  
9    to change (a value or measurement) from one system of units to another  
10    to exchange (a security or bond) for something of equivalent value  
11    a person who has been converted to another belief, religion, etc.  
     (C13: from Old French convertir, from Latin convertere to turn around, alter, transform, from vertere to turn)  
  convertive      adj  
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