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1    an instance of contracting or the state of being contracted  
2      (Physiol)   any normal shortening or tensing of an organ or part, esp. of a muscle, e.g. during childbirth  
3      (Pathol)   any abnormal tightening or shrinking of an organ or part  
4    a shortening of a word or group of words, often marked in written English by an apostrophe  
I've come for I have come     
  contractive      adj  
  contractively      adv  
  contractiveness      n  

Fitzgerald-Lorentz contraction  
      n     (Physics)   the contraction that a moving body exhibits when its velocity approaches that of light  
     (C19: named after G. F. Fitzgerald (1851--1901), Irish physicist and H. A. Lorentz)  
Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction  
      n   the supposed contraction of a body in the direction of its motion through the ether, postulated to explain the result of the Michelson-Morley experiment. The special theory of relativity denies that any such real change can occur in a body as a result of uniform motion but shows that an observer moving with respect to the body will determine an apparent change given by a formula similar to that of Lorentz and Fitzgerald  
     (C20: named after H. A. Lorentz and G. F. Fitzgerald (1851--1901), Irish physicist)  
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abbreviation, compression, constriction, diminution, drawing in, elision, narrowing, reduction, shortening, shrinkage, shrivelling, tensing, tightening  

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