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1    to come or cause to come to a single purpose or aim  
to concentrate one's hopes on winning     
2    to make or become denser or purer by the removal of certain elements, esp. the solvent of a solution  
3    tr   to remove rock or sand from (an ore) to make it purer  
4    intr; often foll by: on   to bring one's faculties to bear (on); think intensely (about)  
5    a concentrated material or solution  
tomato concentrate     
     (C17: back formation from concentration, ultimately from Latin com- same + centrum centre)  
  concentrator      n  
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1    be engrossed in, consider closely, focus attention on, give all one's attention to, put one's mind to, rack one's brains  
2    bring to bear, centre, cluster, converge, focus  
3    accumulate, cluster, collect, congregate, gather, huddle  
1    disregard, let one's mind wander, lose concentration, pay no attention to, pay no heed to  
2 & 3    deploy, diffuse, disperse, dissipate, scatter, spread out  

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to concentrate and to sacrifice
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