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, complemental  
1    acting as or forming a complement; completing  
2    forming a satisfactory or balanced whole  
3    forming a mathematical complement  
sine and cosine are complementary functions     
4      (Maths, logic)   (of a pair of sets, functions, etc.) mutually exclusive and exhaustive, each being the complement of the other  
5    (of genes) producing an effect in association with other genes  
6    involving or using the treatments and techniques of complementary medicine  
  complementarily, complementally      adv  
  complementariness      n  

complementary angle  
      n   either of two angles whose sum is 90°  
   Compare       supplementary angle  
complementary colour  
      n   one of any pair of colours, such as yellow and blue, that give white or grey when mixed in the correct proportions  
complementary DNA  
      n   a form of DNA artificially synthesized from a messenger RNA template and used in genetic engineering to produce gene clones,   (Abbrev.)    cDNA  
complementary gene  
      n   one of a pair of genes, each from different loci, that together are required for the expression of a certain characteristic  
complementary medicine  
      n      another name for       alternative medicine  
complementary wavelength  
      n     (Physics)   the wavelength of monochromatic light that could be mixed in suitable proportions with a given coloured light so as to produce some specified achromatic light  
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companion, completing, correlative, corresponding, fellow, interdependent, interrelating, matched, reciprocal  
   contradictory, different, incompatible, incongruous, uncomplimentary  

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