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1    a person or thing that completes something  
2    one of two parts that make up a whole or complete each other  
3    a complete amount, number, etc. (often in the phrase full complement)  
4    the officers and crew needed to man a ship  
5      (Grammar)  
a    a noun phrase that follows a copula or similar verb, as for example an idiot in the sentence He is an idiot  
b    a clause that serves as the subject or direct object of a verb or the direct object of a preposition, as for example that he would be early in the sentence I hoped that he would be early  
6      (Maths)   the angle that when added to a specified angle produces a right angle  
7      (Logic, maths)   the class of all things, or of all members of a given universe of discourse, that are not members of a given set  
8      (Music)   the inverted form of an interval that, when added to the interval, completes the octave  
the sixth is the complement of the third     
9      (Immunol)   a group of proteins in the blood serum that, when activated by antibodies, causes destruction of alien cells, such as bacteria  
10    tr   to add to, make complete, or form a complement to  
     (C14: from Latin complementum, from complere to fill up, from com- (intensive) + plere to fill)  
Avoid confusion with compliment  

complement fixation test  
      n     (Med)   a serological test for detecting the presence of a specific antibody or antigen, used in the diagnosis of syphilis, etc.  
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1    companion, completion, consummation, correlative, counterpart, finishing touch, rounding-off, supplement  
2    aggregate, capacity, entirety, quota, total, totality, wholeness  
3    cap     (informal)   complete, crown, round off, set off  

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