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1    usually foll by: with   able to exist together harmoniously  
2    usually foll by: with   consistent or congruous  
her deeds were not compatible with her ideology     
3      (of plants)  
a    capable of forming successful grafts  
b    capable of self-fertilization  
4    (of pieces of machinery, computer equipment, etc.) capable of being used together without special modification or adaptation  
a PC-compatible disc     
     (C15: from Medieval Latin compatibilis, from Late Latin compati to be in sympathy with; see compassion)  
  compatibility, compatibleness      n  
  compatibly      adv  

plug compatible  
      adj     (Computing)   (of peripheral devices) designed to be plugged into computer systems produced by different manufacturers  
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accordant, adaptable, agreeable, congenial, congruent, congruous, consistent, consonant, harmonious, in harmony, in keeping, like-minded, reconcilable, suitable  
   contradictory, inappropriate, inapt, incompatible, unfitting, unharmonious, unsuitable  

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