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1    to impart (knowledge) or exchange (thoughts, feelings, or ideas) by speech, writing, gestures, etc.  
2    tr; usually foll by: to   to allow (a feeling, emotion, etc.) to be sensed (by), willingly or unwillingly; transmit (to)  
the dog communicated his fear to the other animals     
3    intr   to have a sympathetic mutual understanding  
4    intr; usually foll by: with   to make or have a connecting passage or route; connect  
5    tr   to transmit (a disease); infect  
6    intr     (Christianity)   to receive or administer Communion  
     (C16: from Latin communicare to share, from communis common)  
  communicator      n  
  communicatory      adj  
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acquaint, announce, be in contact, be in touch, connect, convey, correspond, declare, disclose, disseminate, divulge, impart, inform, make known, pass on, phone, proclaim, publish, report, reveal, ring up     (informal, chiefly Brit.)   signify, spread, transmit, unfold  
   conceal, cover up, hold back, hush up, keep back, keep secret, keep under wraps, repress, sit on     (informal)   suppress, whitewash     (informal)   withhold  

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