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1    near in space or time; in proximity  
2    having the parts near together; dense  
a close formation     
3    down or near to the surface; short  
a close haircut     
4    near in relationship  
a close relative     
5    intimate or confidential  
a close friend     
6    almost equal or even  
a close contest     
7    not deviating or varying greatly from a model or standard  
a close resemblance, a close translation     
8    careful, strict, or searching  
a close study     
9    (of a style of play in football, hockey, etc.) characterized by short passes  
10    confined or enclosed  
11    shut or shut tight  
12    oppressive, heavy, or airless  
a close atmosphere     
13    strictly guarded  
a close prisoner     
14    neat or tight in fit  
a close cap     
15    secretive or reticent  
16    miserly; not generous, esp. with money  
17    (of money or credit) hard to obtain; scarce  
18    restricted as to public admission or membership  
19    hidden or secluded  
20      (Also)    closed   restricted or prohibited as to the type of game or fish able to be taken  
21      (Also)    closed, narrow     (Phonetics)   denoting a vowel pronounced with the lips relatively close together  
22    closely; tightly  
23    near or in proximity  
24    close to the wind     (Nautical)   sailing as nearly as possible towards the direction from which the wind is blowing  
   See also       wind   1       26  
     (C13: from Old French clos close, enclosed, from Latin clausus shut up, from claudere to close)  
   closely             adv  
  closeness      n  
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