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city blues


      n   functioning as sing     (Jazz)      another name for       urban blues  
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      n   pl   , cities  
1    any large town or populous place  
2    (in Britain) a large town that has received this title from the Crown: usually the seat of a bishop  
3    (in the U.S.) an incorporated urban centre with its own government and administration established by state charter  
4    (in Canada) a similar urban municipality incorporated by the provincial government  
5    an ancient Greek city-state; polis  
6    the people of a city collectively  
7    modifier   in or characteristic of a city  
a city girl, city habits        (Related adjs)        civic       urban       municipal  
     (C13: from Old French cité, from Latin civitas citizenship, state, from civis citizen)  

Atlantic City  
      n   a resort in SE New Jersey on Absecon Beach, an island on the Atlantic coast. Pop.: 37986 (1990)  
Belize City  
      n   a port and the largest city in Belize, on the Caribbean coast: capital until 1973, when it was abandoned as hurricane-prone. Pop.: 48655 (1994)  
Benin City  
      n   a city in S Nigeria, capital of Edo state: former capital of the kingdom of Benin. Pop.: 229400 (1996 est.)  
cardboard city  
Informal   an area of a city in which homeless people sleep rough, often in cardboard boxes  
Carson City  
      n   a city in W Nevada, capital of the state. Pop.: 46770 (1995 est.)  
1    short for City of London: the original settlement of London on the N bank of the Thames; a municipality governed by the Lord Mayor and Corporation. Resident pop.: 5893 (1981)  
2    the area in central London in which the United Kingdom's major financial business is transacted  
3    the various financial institutions located in this area  
City and Guilds of London Institute  
      n   (in Britain) an examining body for technical and craft skills, many of the examinations being at a lower standard than for a degree,   (Often shortened to)    City and Guilds  
city blues  
      n   functioning as sing     (Jazz)      another name for       urban blues  
City Code  
      n   (in Britain) short for City Code on Takeovers and Mergers: a code laid down in 1968 (later modified) to control takeover bids and mergers  
City Company  
      n   (in Britain) a corporation that represents one of the historic trade guilds of London  
city desk  
1      (Brit)   the department of a newspaper office dealing with financial and commercial news  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)   the department of a newspaper office dealing with local news  
city editor  
      n     (on a newspaper)  
1      (Brit)   the editor in charge of financial and commercial news  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)   the editor in charge of local news  
city father  
      n   a person who is active or prominent in the public affairs of a city, such as an alderman  
city hall  
1    the building housing the administrative offices of a city or municipal government  
2      (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)  
a    municipal government  
b    the officials of a municipality collectively  
3      (U.S.)  
informal   bureaucracy  
city manager  
      n   (in the U.S.) an administrator hired by a municipal council to manage its affairs  
   See also       council-manager plan  
City of God  
1      (Christianity)   heaven conceived of as the New Jerusalem  
2    the Church in contrast to the world, as described by St Augustine  
city planning  
      n      the U.S. term for       town planning  
  city planner      n  
city slicker  
1    a person with the sophistication often attributed to city people  
2    a smooth tricky untrustworthy person  
      n   a state consisting of a sovereign city and its dependencies. Among the most famous are the great independent cities of the ancient world, such as Athens, Sparta, Carthage, and Rome  
city technology college  
      n   (in Britain) a type of senior secondary school specializing in technological subjects, set up in inner-city areas with funding from industry as well as the government,   (Abbrev.)    CTC  
Dodge City  
      n   a city in SW Kansas, on the Arkansas River: famous as a frontier town on the Santa Fe Trail. Pop.: 21130 (1990)  
Eternal City  
      n   the. Rome  
Forbidden City  
1    Lhasa, Tibet: once famed for its inaccessibility and hostility to strangers  
2    a walled section of Beijing, China, enclosing the Imperial Palace and associated buildings of the former Chinese Empire  
free city  
      n   a sovereign or autonomous city; city-state  
garden city  
      n     (Brit)   a planned town of limited size with broad streets and spacious layout, containing trees and open spaces and surrounded by a rural belt  
   See also       garden suburb  
Guatemala City  
      n   the capital of Guatemala, in the southeast: founded in 1776 to replace the former capital, Antigua Guatemala, after an earthquake; university (1676). Pop.: 1167495 (1995)  
Ho Chi Minh City  
      n   a port in S Vietnam, 97 km (60 miles) from the South China Sea, on the Saigon River: captured by the French in 1859; merged with adjoining Cholon in 1932; capital of the former Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) from 1954 to 1976; university (1917); U.S. headquarters during the Vietnam War. Pop.: 4322300 (1993 est.),   (Former name (until 1976))    Saigon  
Holy City  
1    Jerusalem, esp. when regarded as the focal point of the religions of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam  
2      (Christianity)   heaven regarded as the perfect counterpart of Jerusalem  
3    any city regarded as especially sacred by a particular religion  
inner city  
a    the parts of a city in or near its centre, esp. when they are associated with poverty, unemployment, substandard housing, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
inner-city schools     
Jefferson City  
      n   a city in central Missouri, the state capital, on the Missouri River. Pop.: 35481 (1990)  
Jersey City  
      n   an industrial city in NE New Jersey, opposite Manhattan on a peninsula between the Hudson and Hackensack Rivers: part of the Port of New York; site of one of the greatest railway terminals in the world. Pop.: 229039 (1996 est.)  
Kansas City  
1    a city in W Missouri, at the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers: important centre of livestock and meat-packing industry. Pop.: 441259 (1996 est.)  
2    a city in NE Kansas, adjacent to Kansas City, Missouri. Pop.: 142654 (1996 est.)  
Mexico City  
      n   the capital of Mexico, on the central plateau at an altitude of 2240 m (7350 ft.): founded as the Aztec capital (Tenochtitlán) in about 1300; conquered and rebuilt by the Spanish in 1521; forms, with its suburbs, the federal district of Mexico; the largest industrial complex in the country. Pop.: 9815795 (1990)  
Oklahoma City  
      n   a city in central Oklahoma: the state capital and a major agricultural and industrial centre. Pop.: 469852 (1996 est.)  
Panama City  
      n   the capital of Panama, near the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal: developed rapidly with the building of the Panama Canal; seat of the University of Panama (1935). Pop.: 452041 (1995 est.)  
Quezon City  
      n   a city in the Philippines, on central Luzon adjoining Manila: capital of the Philippines from 1948 to 1976; seat of the University of the Philippines (1908). Pop.: 1676644 (1994 est.)  
Salt Lake City  
      n   a city in N central Utah, near the Great Salt Lake at an altitude of 1330 m (4300 ft.): state capital; founded in 1847 by the Mormons as world capital of the Mormon Church; University of Utah (1850). Pop.: 172575 (1996 est.)  
Vatican City  
      n   an independent state forming an enclave in Rome, with extraterritoriality over 12 churches and palaces in Rome: the only remaining Papal State; independence recognized by the Italian government in 1929; contains St Peter's Basilica and Square and the Vatican; the spiritual and administrative centre of the Roman Catholic Church. Languages: Italian and Latin. Currency: lira. Pop.: 1000 (1997 est.). Area: 44 hectares (109 acres),   (Italian name)    Città del Vaticano     (Also called)    the Holy See  
Welwyn Garden City  
      n   a town in SE England, in Hertfordshire: established (1920) as a planned industrial and residential community. Pop.: 42087 (1991)  
Windy City  
Informal   Chicago, Illinois  

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      n   conurbation, megalopolis, metropolis, municipality  
      adj   civic, metropolitan, municipal, urban  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
1. in a remote area, an area in the countryside that is far from a town or city 2. in a town or city regarded as dull or unsophisticated
[Fig.];[Informal];[Disapproving] Syn.: In the backwoods, in the middle of nowhere.
a water-storage area making the surrounding region fertile, or providing a city with its water supply.
expression used to designate something that happens very rarely
state securities laws
shout (as a sign of discontentment or anger)
brothers of the blue eye
(about a positive event/situation) happen out of the blue, without any effort from the impacted persons
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