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1    tr   to hinder or stop the breathing of (a person or animal), esp. by constricting the windpipe or by asphyxiation  
2    intr   to have trouble or fail in breathing, swallowing, or speaking  
3    tr   to block or clog up (a passage, pipe, street, etc.)  
4    tr   to retard the growth or action of  
the weeds are choking my plants     
5    tr   to suppress (emotion)  
she choked her anger     
6    intr  
Slang   to die  
7    tr   to enrich the petrol-air mixture by reducing the air supply to (a carburettor, petrol engine, etc.)  
8    intr   (esp. in sport) to be seized with tension and fail to perform well  
9    the act or sound of choking  
10    a device in the carburettor of a petrol engine that enriches the petrol-air mixture by reducing the air supply  
11    any constriction or mechanism for reducing the flow of a fluid in a pipe, tube, etc.  
12      (Also called)    choke coil     (Electronics)   an inductor having a relatively high impedance, used to prevent the passage of high frequencies or to smooth the output of a rectifier  
13    the inedible centre of the head of an artichoke,   (See also)        choke back       choke up  
     (Old English aceocian, of Germanic origin; related to cheek)  
  chokeable      adj  
  choky, chokey      adj  

choke back   , down  
      vb   tr, adv   to suppress (anger, tears, etc.)  
choke chain  
      n   a collar and lead for a dog so designed that if the dog drags on the lead the collar tightens round its neck  
choke coil  
      n      another name for       choke       12  
      adj      a less common spelling of       chock-full  
choke up  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to block (a drain, pipe, etc.) completely  
2    Informal   usually passive   to overcome (a person) with emotion, esp. without due cause  
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asphyxiate, bar, block, bung, clog, close, congest, constrict, dam, gag, obstruct, occlude, overpower, smother, stifle, stop, strangle, suffocate, suppress, throttle  

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