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1    the head, leader, or most important individual in a group or body of people  
2       another word for       chieftain       1  
3      (Heraldry)   the upper third of a shield  
4    in chief   primarily; especially  
5    prenominal  
a    most important; principal  
b    highest in rank or authority  
6    Archaic   principally  
     (C13: from Old French, from Latin caput head)  

air chief marshal  
      n   a senior officer of the Royal Air Force and certain other air forces, of equivalent rank to admiral in the Royal Navy,   (Abbrev.)    ACM  
big Chief   , big Daddy  
Informal      other terms for       big White Chief  
big White Chief  
Informal   an important person, boss, or leader,   (Also called)    big Chief, big Daddy  
Chief Education Officer  
      n     (Brit)   an official who is the chief administrative officer of a Local Education Authority,   (Also called)    Director of Education  
chief executive  
      n   the person with overall responsibility for the efficient running of a company, organization, etc.  
chief justice  
1    (in any of several Commonwealth countries) the judge presiding over a supreme court  
2    (in the U.S.) the presiding judge of a court composed of a number of members,   (See also)        Lord Chief Justice  
  chief justiceship      n  
Chief of Staff  
1    the senior staff officer under the commander of a major military formation or organization  
2    the senior officer of each service of the armed forces,   (Abbrevs.)    C of S, COS  
chief petty officer  
      n   the senior naval rank for personnel without commissioned or warrant rank,   (Abbrev.)    CPO  
Chief Rabbi  
      n   the chief religious minister of a national Jewish community  
chief technician  
      n   a noncommissioned officer in the Royal Air Force junior to a flight sergeant  
commander in chief  
      n   pl   , commanders in chief  
1    the officer holding supreme command of the forces in an area or operation  
2    the officer holding command of a major subdivision of one military service  
editor in chief  
      n   the controlling editor of a publication  
      vb   tr     (Law)   to examine (one's own witness) in attempting to adduce a case  
   Compare       cross-examine  
  examination-in-chief      n  
fleet chief petty officer  
      n   a noncommissioned officer in the Royal Navy comparable in rank to a warrant officer in the British Army or Royal Air Force  
Lord Chief Justice  
      n   the judge who is second only to the Lord Chancellor in the English legal hierarchy; president of one division of the High Court of Justice  
      n   (in feudal society) a tenant who held some or all of his lands directly from the king  
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      adj   big-time     (informal)   capital, cardinal, central, especial, essential, foremost, grand, highest, key, leading, main, major league     (informal)   most important, outstanding, paramount, predominant, pre-eminent, premier, prevailing, primary, prime, principal, superior, supreme, uppermost, vital  
      n   boss     (informal)   captain, chieftain, commander, director, governor, head, leader, lord, manager, master, principal, ringleader, ruler, superintendent, superior, suzerain, torchbearer  
,       adj   least, minor, subordinate, subsidiary  
      n   follower, subject, subordinate  

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