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1      (Brit)   a railway coach for passengers  
2    the manner in which a person holds and moves his head and body; bearing  
3    a four-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle for persons  
4    the moving part of a machine that bears another part  
a typewriter carriage, a lathe carriage     
a    the act of conveying; carrying  
b    the charge made for conveying (esp. in the phrases carriage forward, when the charge is to be paid by the receiver, and carriage paid)  
     (C14: from Old Northern French cariage, from carier to carry)  

baby carriage  
      n     (Also)    baby buggy      the U.S. and Canadian name for       pram   1  
carriage bolt  
      n     (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)      another name for       coach bolt  
carriage clock  
      n   a portable clock, usually in a rectangular case with a handle on the top, of a type originally used by travellers  
carriage dog  
      n      a former name for       Dalmatian  
carriage line  
      n      another term for       coach line  
carriage trade  
      n   trade from the wealthy part of society  
gun carriage  
      n   a mechanical frame on which a gun is mounted for adjustment and firing or for transportation  
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1    carrying, conveyance, conveying, delivery, freight, transport, transportation  
2    cab, coach, conveyance, vehicle  
3      (figurative)   air, bearing, behaviour, comportment, conduct, demeanour, deportment, gait, manner, mien, posture, presence  

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