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carpet tiles


      pl n   small pieces of carpeting laid as tiles to cover a floor  
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a    a heavy fabric for covering floors  
b    (as modifier)  
a carpet sale     
2    a covering like a carpet  
a carpet of leaves     
3    on the carpet  
a    before authority to be reproved for misconduct or error  
b    under consideration  
      vb   tr   , -pets, -peting, -peted  
4    to cover with or as if with a carpet  
5    Informal   to reprimand  
     (C14: from Old French carpite, from Old Italian carpita, from Late Latin carpeta, literally: (wool) that has been carded, from Latin carpere to pluck, card)  

Axminster carpet  
      n   a type of patterned carpet with a cut pile,   (Often shortened to)    Axminster  
     (after Axminster, in Devon, where such carpets are made)  
Brussels carpet  
      n   a worsted carpet with a heavy pile formed by uncut loops of wool on a linen warp  
carpet beetle   ,   (U.S.)   carpet bug  
      n   any of various beetles of the genus Anthrenus, the larvae of which feed on carpets, furnishing fabrics, etc.: family Dermestidae  
carpet bombing  
      n   systematic intensive bombing of an area  
carpet bowling  
      n   a form of bowls played indoors on a strip of carpet, at the centre of which lies an obstacle round which the bowl has to pass  
carpet knight  
Disparaging   a soldier who spends his life away from battle; idler  
carpet moth  
      n   any of several geometrid moths with black- (or brown-)and-white mottled wings  
     (C19: so named from the patterns on their wings)  
carpet plot  
      n     (Maths)   the graphed values of a function of more than one variable, read from an ordinate at points located by the intersection of curves of constant values of each of the variables  
     (C20: from the shape of the graph, thought to resemble a flying carpet)  
carpet shark  
      n   any of various sharks of the family Orectolobidae, having two dorsal fins and a patterned back, typically marked with white and brown  
carpet slipper  
      n   one of a pair of slippers, originally one made with woollen uppers resembling carpeting  
carpet snake   , python  
      n   a large nonvenomous Australian snake, Morelia variegata, having a carpetlike pattern on its back  
      n   a household device with a revolving brush for sweeping carpets  
carpet tiles  
      pl n   small pieces of carpeting laid as tiles to cover a floor  
magic carpet  
      n   (in fairy stories) a carpet capable of transporting people through the air  
Persian carpet   , rug  
      n   a carpet or rug made in Persia or other countries of the Near East by knotting silk or wool yarn by hand onto a woven backing, characterized by rich colours and flowing or geometric designs  
red carpet  
1    a strip of red carpeting laid for important dignitaries to walk on when arriving or departing  
a    deferential treatment accorded to a person of importance  
b    (as modifier)  
the returning hero had a red-carpet reception     
Turkey carpet  
      n   a wool carpet made in one piece and having a deep velvety pile and rich glowing colours  

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