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1    almost without motion; still  
a calm sea     
2      (Meteorol)   of force 0 on the Beaufort scale; without wind  
3    not disturbed, agitated, or excited; under control  
he stayed calm throughout the confusion     
4    tranquil; serene  
a calm voice     
5    an absence of disturbance or rough motion; stillness  
6    absence of wind  
7    tranquillity  
8    often foll by: down   to make or become calm  
     (C14: from Old French calme, from Old Italian calma, from Late Latin cauma heat, hence a rest during the heat of the day, from Greek kauma heat, from kaiein to burn)  
  calmly      adv  
  calmness      n  
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1    balmy, halcyon, mild, pacific, peaceful, placid, quiet, restful, serene, smooth, still, tranquil, windless  
2    as cool as a cucumber, collected, composed, cool, dispassionate, equable, impassive, imperturbable, keeping one's cool, relaxed, sedate, self-possessed, undisturbed, unemotional, unexcitable, unexcited, unfazed     (informal)   unflappable     (informal)   unmoved, unruffled  
3    hush, mollify, placate, quieten, relax, soothe  
4    calmness, hush, peace, peacefulness, quiet, repose, serenity, stillness  
,       adj   agitated, aroused, discomposed, disturbed, emotional, excited, fierce, frantic, heated, perturbed, rough, shaken, stormy, troubled, wild, worried  
      vb   aggravate, agitate, arouse, disturb, excite, irritate, stir  
      n   agitation, disturbance, wildness  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
calm down!
relax, calm down
said to make someone temper his nerves or enthusiasm. E.g.: Chill out, I didn't take your car!
it's said for determining someone to calm down, be patient, control his/her reactions
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