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      vb   , bursts, bursting, burst  
1    to break or cause to break open or apart suddenly and noisily, esp. from internal pressure; explode  
2    intr   to come, go, etc., suddenly and forcibly  
he burst into the room     
3    intr   to be full to the point of breaking open  
4    intr   to give vent (to) suddenly or loudly  
to burst into song     
5    to cause or suffer the rupture of  
to burst a blood vessel     
6    a sudden breaking open or apart; explosion  
7    a break; breach; rupture  
8    a sudden display or increase of effort or action; spurt  
a burst of speed     
9    a sudden and violent emission, occurrence, or outbreak  
a burst of heavy rain, a burst of applause     
10    a volley of fire from a weapon or weapons  
11    broken apart; ruptured  
a burst pipe     
     (Old English berstan; related to Old Norse bresta, Old Frisian bersta, Old High German brestan; compare break)  
  burster      n  
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1    blow up, break, crack, disintegrate, explode, fly open, fragment, puncture, rend asunder, rupture, shatter, shiver, split, tear apart  
2    barge, break, break out, erupt, gush forth, run, rush, spout  
3    bang, blast, blasting, blowout, blow-up, breach, break, crack, discharge, explosion, rupture, split  
4    eruption, fit, gush, gust, outbreak, outburst, outpouring, rush, spate, spurt, surge, torrent  
5    flat, punctured, rent, ruptured, split  

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