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build up


      vb   adv  
1    tr   to construct gradually, systematically, and in stages  
2    to increase, accumulate, or strengthen, esp. by degrees  
the murmur built up to a roar     
3    intr   to prepare for or gradually approach a climax  
4    tr   to improve the health or physique of (a person)  
5    tr, usually passive   to cover (an area) with buildings  
6    tr   to cause (a person, enterprise, etc.) to become better known; publicize  
they built several actresses up into stars     
7    progressive increase in number, size, etc  
the build-up of industry     
8    a gradual approach to a climax or critical point  
9    extravagant publicity or praise, esp. in the form of a campaign  
10      (Military)   the process of attaining the required strength of forces and equipment, esp. prior to an operation  
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build up

1    add to, amplify, augment, develop, enhance, expand, extend, fortify, heighten, improve, increase, intensify, reinforce, strengthen  
2    advertise, boost, plug     (informal)   promote, publicize, spotlight  

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