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1    any short stiff hair of an animal or plant, such as any of the hairs on a pig's back  
2    something resembling these hair  
toothbrush bristle     
3    when intr, often foll by: up   to stand up or cause to stand up like bristles  
the angry cat's fur bristled     
4    intr; sometimes foll by: up   to show anger, indignation, etc  
she bristled at the suggestion     
5    intr   to be thickly covered or set  
the target bristled with arrows     
6    intr   to be in a state of agitation or movement  
the office was bristling with activity     
7    tr   o provide with a bristle or bristles  
     (C13 bristil, brustel, from earlier brust, from Old English byrst; related to Old Norse burst, Old High German borst)  
  bristly      adj  

      n   any of various grasses of the genus Setaria, such as S. viridis, having a bristly inflorescence  
bristle worm  
      n      a popular name for a       polychaete  
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1    barb, hair, prickle, spine, stubble, thorn, whisker  
2    horripilate, prickle, rise, stand on end, stand up  
3    be angry, be infuriated, be maddened, bridle, flare up, get one's dander up     (slang)   go ballistic     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   rage, see red, seethe, spit     (informal)   wig out     (slang)  
4      (with)       with   abound, be alive, be thick, crawl, hum, swarm, teem  

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