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1    shining with light; sparkling  
2    (of a colour) having a high saturation and reflecting a considerable amount of light; vivid  
3    outstanding; exceptional  
a brilliant success     
4    splendid; magnificent  
a brilliant show     
5    of outstanding intelligence or intellect  
a brilliant mind, a brilliant idea     
6      (Music)  
a    (of the tone of an instrument) having a large proportion of high harmonics above the fundamental  
b      (Also)    brilliant     (French)   brilliante     (French)   with spirit; lively  
7      (Also called)    brilliant cut  
a    a popular circular cut for diamonds and other gemstones in the form of two many-faceted pyramids (the top one truncated) joined at their bases  
b    a diamond of this cut  
8    (formerly) a size of a printer's type approximately equal to 4 point  
     (C17: from French brillant shining, from briller to shine, from Italian brillare, from brillo beryl)  
  brilliantly      adv  
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child care provided by foster parents
1 a conceited impertinent person 2 a mischievous child
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[child] to be sent to a care organization run by the social services, or to be looked after by foster parents
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