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break down silos exp.
(in an organization) set up a more informal structure/workflow/environment; give up on communication protocols between departments

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
to take OR bring somebody down a notch means to make them behave less arrogantly or proudly.
to take OR turn OR bring something down a notch means to decrease its intensity
calm down!
relax, calm down
said to make someone temper his nerves or enthusiasm. E.g.: Chill out, I didn't take your car!
face a specific situation; act in a certain way
E.g.: John went out of rehab a few days ago and he is determined to not go down that road again.
metaphoric expression for getting married
a point in a system that is isolated from other parts of the architecture
1. break; fall apart; 2. be in a bad mood
Abbreviation for "eXamine Your Zipper". To let someone know the zipper on the front of his pants is down.
something that is top-down comes from the top of a hierarchy and is passed down to the lower ranking members
A moulding commonly used in framing oil paintings. The liner is fixed inside the frame and appears between the image and the outer frame. Generally made out of wood or some other hard material, the liner may have fabric glued down to it. Liners are to canvases what a mat/mount is to a print on paper
[Artwork framing] Polystyrene or wood liner. Fabric-covered liner. Linen liner. Gold liner.
to look for or expose information about a person's past, usually bad, and to therefore bring that person down or put them in a bad light
it's said for determining someone to calm down, be patient, control his/her reactions
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      vb   , breaks, breaking, broke, broken  
1    to separate or become separated into two or more pieces  
this cup is broken     
2    to damage or become damaged so as to be inoperative  
my radio is broken     
3    to crack or become cracked without separating  
4    to burst or cut the surface of (skin, etc.)  
5    to discontinue or become discontinued  
they broke for lunch, to break a journey     
6    to disperse or become dispersed  
the clouds broke     
7    tr   to fail to observe (an agreement, promise, law, etc.)  
to break one's word     
8    foll by: with   to discontinue an association (with)  
9    to disclose or be disclosed  
he broke the news gently     
10    tr   to fracture (a bone) in (a limb, etc.)  
11    tr   to divide (something complete or perfect)  
to break a set of books     
12    to bring or come to an end  
the summer weather broke at last     
13    tr   to bring to an end by or as if by force  
to break a strike     
14    when intr, often foll by: out   to escape (from)  
he broke jail, he broke out of jail     
15    to weaken or overwhelm or be weakened or overwhelmed, as in spirit  
16    tr   to cut through or penetrate  
a cry broke the silence     
17    tr   to improve on or surpass  
to break a record     
18    tr; often foll by: in   to accustom (a horse) to the bridle and saddle, to being ridden, etc  
19    tr; often foll by: of   to cause (a person) to give up (a habit)  
this cure will break you of smoking     
20    tr   to weaken the impact or force of  
this net will break his fall     
21    tr   to decipher  
to break a code     
22    tr   to lose the order of  
to break ranks     
23    tr   to reduce to poverty or the state of bankruptcy  
24    when intr, foll by: into   to obtain, give, or receive smaller units in exchange for; change  
to break a pound note     
25    tr     (Chiefly military)   to demote to a lower rank  
26    intr; often foll by: from or out of   to proceed suddenly  
27    intr   to come into being  
light broke over the mountains     
28    intr; foll by: into or out into   to burst into song, laughter, etc  
29    tr   to open with explosives  
to break a safe     
30    intr     (of waves)  
a    often foll by: against   to strike violently  
b    to collapse into foam or surf  
31    intr   (esp. of fish) to appear above the surface of the water  
32    intr   (of the amniotic fluid surrounding an unborn baby) to be released when the amniotic sac ruptures in the first stage of labour  
her waters have broken     
33    intr  
Informal     (chiefly U.S.)   to turn out in a specified manner  
things are breaking well     
34    intr   (of prices, esp. stock exchange quotations) to fall sharply  
35    intr   to make a sudden effort, as in running, horse racing, etc  
36    intr     (Cricket)   (of a ball) to change direction on bouncing  
37    tr     (Cricket)   (of a player) to knock down at least one bail from (a wicket)  
38    intr     (Billiards, snooker)   to scatter the balls at the start of a game  
39    intr     (Horse racing)   to commence running in a race  
they broke even     
40    intr     (Boxing, wrestling)   (of two fighters) to separate from a clinch  
41    intr     (Music)  
a    (of the male voice) to undergo a change in register, quality, and range at puberty  
b    (of the voice or some instruments) to undergo a change in tone, quality, etc., when changing registers  
42    intr     (Phonetics)   (of a vowel) to turn into a diphthong, esp. as a development in the language  
43    tr   to open the breech of (certain firearms) by snapping the barrel away from the butt on its hinge  
44    tr   to interrupt the flow of current in (an electrical circuit)  
   Compare       make   1       27  
45    intr  
Informal     (chiefly U.S.)   to become successful; make a breakthrough  
46    break bread  
a    to eat a meal, esp. with others  
b      (Christianity)   to administer or participate in Holy Communion  
47    break camp   to pack up equipment and leave a camp  
48    break (new) ground   to do something that has not been done before  
49. break one's back or (taboo) balls    to overwork or work very hard  
50    break the back of   to complete the greatest or hardest part of (a task)  
51    break the bank   to ruin financially or deplete the resources of a bank (as in gambling)  
52    break the ice  
a    to relieve shyness or reserve, esp. between strangers  
b    to be the first of a group to do something  
53    break the mould   to make a change that breaks an established habit, pattern, etc  
54    break service     (Tennis)   to win a game in which an opponent is serving  
55    break wind   to emit wind from the anus  
56    the act or result of breaking; fracture  
57    a crack formed as the result of breaking  
58    a brief respite or interval between two actions  
a break from one's toil     
59    a sudden rush, esp. to escape  
to make a break for freedom     
60    a breach in a relationship  
she has made a break from her family     
61    any sudden interruption in a continuous action  
62      (Brit)   a short period between classes at school,   (U.S. and Canadian equivalent)    recess  
63    Informal   a fortunate opportunity, esp. to prove oneself  
64    Informal   a piece of (good or bad) luck  
65    (esp. in a stock exchange) a sudden and substantial decline in prices  
66      (Prosody)   a pause in a line of verse; caesura  
67      (Billiards, snooker)  
a    a series of successful shots during one turn  
b    the points scored in such a series  
68      (Billiards, snooker)  
a    the opening shot with the cue ball that scatters the placed balls  
b    the right to take this first shot  
69      (Also called)    service break, break of serve     (Tennis)   the act or instance of breaking an opponent's service  
70    one of the intervals in a sporting contest  
71      (Horse racing)   the start of a race  
an even break     
72    (in tenpin bowling) failure to knock down all the pins after the second attempt  
a      (Jazz)   a short usually improvised solo passage  
b    an instrumental passage in a pop song  
74    a discontinuity in an electrical circuit  
75    access to a radio channel by a citizen's band operator  
76       a variant spelling of       brake   1       6  
77      (Boxing, wrestling)   a command by a referee for two opponents to separate,   (See also)        breakaway       break down       break even       break in       break into       break off       break out       break through       break up       break with  
     (Old English brecan; related to Old Frisian breka, Gothic brikan, Old High German brehhan, Latin frangere Sanskrit bhráj bursting forth)  

break dance  
1    an acrobatic dance style of the 1980s  
2    intr   to perform a break dance  
  break dancer      n  
  break dancing      n  
break down  
      vb   adv  
1    intr   to cease to function; become ineffective  
communications had broken down     
2    to yield or cause to yield, esp. to strong emotion or tears  
she broke down in anguish     
3    tr   to crush or destroy  
4    intr   to have a nervous breakdown  
5    to analyse or be subjected to analysis  
6    to separate or cause to separate into simpler chemical elements; decompose  
7    tr     (N.Z.)   to saw (a large log) into planks  
8    break it down     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
a    stop it  
b    don't expect me to believe that; come off it  
9    an act or instance of breaking down; collapse  
10       short for       nervous breakdown  
11    an analysis or classification of something into its component parts  
he prepared a breakdown of the report     
12    the sudden electrical discharge through an insulator or between two electrodes in a vacuum or gas discharge tube  
13      (Electrical engineering)   the sudden transition, dependent on the bias magnitude, from a high to a low dynamic resistance in a semiconductor device  
14    a lively American country dance  
break even  
1    intr, adv   to attain a level of activity, as in commerce, or a point of operation, as in gambling, at which there is neither profit nor loss  
2      (Accounting)  
a    the level of commercial activity at which the total cost and total revenue of a business enterprise are equal  
b    (as modifier)  
breakeven prices     
break feeding  
      n     (N.Z.)   the feeding of animals on paddocks where feeding space is controlled by the frequent movement of an electric fence  
break in  
      vb   adv  
1    sometimes foll by: on   to interrupt  
2    intr   to enter a house, etc., illegally, esp. by force  
3    tr   to accustom (a person or animal) to normal duties or practice  
4    tr   to use or wear (shoes, new equipment, etc.) until comfortable or running smoothly  
5    tr     (Austral. and N.Z.)   to bring (new land) under cultivation  
a    the illegal entering of a building, esp. by thieves  
b    (as modifier)  
the break-in plans     
break into  
      vb   intr, prep  
1    to enter (a house, etc.) illegally, esp. by force  
2    to change abruptly from a slower to a faster speed  
the horse broke into a gallop     
3    to consume (supplies held in reserve)  
at the end of the exercise the soldiers had to break into their iron rations     
break of day  
      n      another term for       dawn       1  
break off  
1    to sever or detach or be severed or detached  
it broke off in my hands, he broke a piece off the bar of chocolate     
2    adv   to end (a relationship, association, etc.) or (of a relationship, etc.) to be ended  
3    intr, adv   to stop abruptly; halt  
he broke off in the middle of his speech     
4    the act or an instance of breaking off or stopping  
break out  
      vb   intr, adv  
1    to begin or arise suddenly  
panic broke out     
2    to make an escape, esp. from prison or confinement  
3    foll by: in   (of the skin) to erupt (in a rash, pimples, etc.)  
4    an escape, esp. from prison or confinement  
break point  
      n     (Tennis)   a point which allows the receiving player to break the service of the server  
break through  
1    intr   to penetrate  
2    intr, adv   to achieve success, make a discovery, etc., esp. after lengthy efforts  
3    a significant development or discovery, esp. in science  
4    the penetration of an enemy's defensive position or line in depth and strength  
break up  
      vb   adv  
1    to separate or cause to separate  
2    to put an end to (a relationship) or (of a relationship) to come to an end  
3    to dissolve or cause to dissolve; disrupt or be disrupted  
the meeting broke up at noon     
4    intr     (Brit)   (of a school) to close for the holidays  
5    Informal   to lose or cause to lose control of the emotions  
the news of his death broke her up     
6    Slang   to be or cause to be overcome with laughter  
7    a separation or disintegration  
break-up value  
      n     (Commerce)  
1    the value of an organization assuming that it will not continue to trade  
2    the value of a share in a company based only on the value of its assets  
break with  
      vb   intr, prep   to end a relationship or association with (someone or an organization or social group)  
commercial break  
      n   an interruption in a radio or television programme for the broadcasting of advertisements  
leg break  
      n     (Cricket)   a bowled ball that spins from leg to off on pitching  
off break  
      n     (Cricket)   a bowled ball that spins from off to leg on pitching  
tea break  
      n     (Brit)   a short rest period during working hours during which tea, coffee, etc. is drunk  
tie-break   , tie-breaker  
1      (Tennis)   a method of deciding quickly the result of a set drawn at six-all, usually involving the playing of one deciding game for the best of twelve points in which the service changes after every two points  
2    any contest or game played to decide a winner when contestants have tied scores  
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